| 02.02.2024

Lisa Theman receives the Fazer Award

This year the Fazer Award goes to Lisa Theman. The award is worth 15,000 euros and is given to a Hanken student with strong values and who has demonstrated good study performance.

The award committee emphasises in its motivation that Theman has a strong drive and has in a concrete and innovative way developed solutions to improve the viability of agriculture. Her work is based on sustainable development and reporting, responsibility and respect for the environment, and openness and transparency.

Theman has performed very well in her studies  and has built a broad network during her time at Hanken. She is a worthy recipient of the Fazer Award and a fine ambassador for Hanken, and the jury is excited to follow her journey.

"I was very happy when I got the news that I will receive the Fazer Award 2024. It is a great support for my last period of study, but also for the development of the company Lensor. The award will help the start-up of the company, and thus I am very grateful for the support from Fazer," says Lisa Theman.  

Lensor develops measurements and data for the agricultural industry using innovative technology such as satellite data and AI. The technology helps to decrease the use of fertiliser and irrigation on farms, which has a significant financial and environmental impact.

- Fazer depends on the viability of agriculture and actively promotes sustainable solutions throughout the value chain as part of our strategy. Our values guide our actions and it is very important for us to influence sustainable societal development from different perspectives. The Fazer Award gives us a unique opportunity to connect with the next generation and take part in solving common challenges together, which is something we value very highly," says Christoph Vitzthum, the CEO of Fazer Group.

The Fazer Award is given every other year to a student who has demonstrated good study performance and highlights or works actively on issues related to equality, the environment and sustainable development, transparency or social issues. The grant is worth EUR 15 000 and the first grant was awarded in February 2020. More information here on the Fazer Award.

The award committee consists of Henrik Ehrnrooth, Kaj Storbacka, Christoph Vitzthum and Camilla Wardi. The  committee would like to thank everyone who submitted an application. The four finalists, Lisa Theman, Amanda Kermoury, Joar Löf, and Tim Teirfolk, were all very strong candidates.

For more information, please contact:

Eva Adlercreutz-Carrero
Director of External relations and communications
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