| 11.03.2022

Hanken supports diversity in business education

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) has released a positioning paper that articulates how to define diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in business education.

The positioning paper reflects and supports AACSB’s vision to transform business education globally for positive societal impact. Hanken is an accredited member of AACSB since 2015. According to the positioning paper, diversity in business can be achieved when business schools themselves embrace diversity within the communities they serve.

Hanken supports the manifesto and according to Professor David B. Grant Hanken´s overall commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is part of the university´s DNA.

“It goes along with our commitment to corporate and social responsibility, our membership of UN´s Principles for Responsible Management Education and our strategy 2030”, says Professor Grant who is also Dean of Research and Social Impact at Hanken.

Hanken´s strategy emphasise zero tolerance for harassment of all kinds. This applies to both the preventive work as Hanken actively opposes creation of structures and conditions that maintain inequality and exclusion, and the intervention in cases of harassment.

One tool for intervention is the new Code of Conduct, which purpose is to create common and fair rules that helps build an even better and more responsible business culture.

- The Code of Conduct codifies what we do. If there is some issue, hopefully it will give us some guidelines on how to deal with it.

David B. Grant encourages everybody to read AACBS´positioning paper and Hanken´s Code of Conduct.

- We have new staff and new students coming in – it´s important that they feel welcome and that they have some guidance and framework of our values and what we stand for.

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