| 09.04.2024

Hanken researcher Nikodemus Solitander elected to national Human Rights Delegation

Nikodemus Solitander, Director of the Centre for Corporate Responsibility (CCR) at Hanken School of Economics, has been appointed by the Parliamentary Ombudsman as a member of the National Human Rights Delegation at the Human Rights Centre for a period of four years.

The Human Rights Delegation consists of researchers into fundamental and human rights as well as representatives of other bodies engaged in promoting and protecting fundamental and human rights.  

"I am really looking forward to working in the delegation, this is also the kind of societal impact through research that I feel strongly about. The Directorate is an important co-operative body that aims to create a diverse knowledge of human rights. The appointment shows that human rights issues in the value chains of Finnish companies are becoming increasingly important, and I believe that the kind of knowledge we produce at Hanken meets the need created by, among other things, the EU's Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDD)", says Nikodemus Solitander.

The Delegation deals with matters of principal importance in the field of fundamental and human rights and functions as a national cooperative body for actors in the sector of fundamental and human rights.

Together with the Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Human Rights Centre, the Human Rights Delegation constitute the National Human Rights Institution (NHRI), an autonomous and independent statutory body.  

Nikodemus Solitander is also Associate Dean of Sustainability at Hanken.

For more information on the appointment decision see:
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