| 05.12.2023

Hanken Quantum Hackathon winners want to help businesses grappling with ESG reporting

Vinnarna av Hanken Quantum Hackathon 2023
The winning team of Hanken Quantum Hackathon 2023 offers practical solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in Finland grappling with ESG reporting. The students behind Sustainify, came up with a platform that simplifies the reporting process by guiding users through tailored questionnaires.

The winning team consist of Hanken students Truc Thanh Van, Milla Rantamäki, Ismail Karioun and Haaga-Helia student Janis Aizpurietis.

“Once completed, our platform would utilize advanced algorithms to handle complex ESG calculations, providing users with a comprehensive ESG report. Our user-friendly approach aims to assist over 99% of small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland facing challenges in ESG reporting”, Truc Thanh Van explains.

A successful collaboration

The hackathon was arranged by Hanken’s Quantum Lab and Ultrahack in cooperation with VTT, KPMG, IBM, Bluefors, IQM, Hartwall and Business Finland. Quantum's director, professor Benjamin Maury, says that the collaboration on themes related to quantum computing and sustainability was very successful. 

"It was a perfect opportunity for Hanken to collaborate with the companies that potentially will revolutionize the future of finance and business."

In Hanken's Quantum Lab the winning team members got access to the LUMI supercomputer and the Bloomberg database, in order to review ESG templates. In the future, the team wants to integrate generative AI in the software, for instance for collecting data and formulating the questionnaires.

“We're also planning on using some sort of quantum technology, but that's a long-term vision”, says Ismail Karioun, who is an exchange student from EM Strasbourg Business School, studying finance and accounting at Hanken.

The team won 2000 euros and the opportunity to present their work to KPMG.

“We’re looking forward to getting some more feedback on our solution when we present our idea to KPMG”, says Milla Rantamäki, majoring in marketing at Hanken.

Valuable learning and networking opportunities

During the hackathon the students received mentor support. One of the mentors was Hans-Kristian Sjöholm, head of global equities at Evli and professor of practice at Hanken’s Quantum Lab. 

"The hackathon is an excellent way to show students the challenges and themes that are relevant in the finance industry right now, and considering their future careers as well.”

Sjöholm mentions that the preparations for the competition varied among the participants and provides a tip for the next year. 

“I believe it's important to start working on a project in advance if you want to succeed in the competition, as participants have such a short time.'"

The students say that participating in the hackathon provided valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities.

“It was an amazing experience to do this project during one weekend within 48 hours and meeting all these people with very diverse backgrounds”, says Ismal Karioun.

Milla Rantamäki and Truc Thanh Van agrees. Truc Van says she became connected to many people on LinkedIn after the hackathon. 

“People have been inviting me to all these quantum groups, which I, as an accountant student, would have never imagined before. I would definitely recommend other Hanken students to participate next time, if they are looking for new challenges.”


Hanken Quantum Hackathon was arranged for the fourth time and the topic for the hackathon was sustainable finance in the quantum era. 14 teams competed in the hackathon during the weekend 24 – 26 November.

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Text: Jessica Gustafsson
Picture: Aleksi Lehtinen