| 19.04.2023

Hanken appointed new deans and establishes a bachelor's programme in English

At its meeting on 19 April 2023, Hanken School of Economic's Board appointed Gyöngyi Kovács, Mika Gabrielsson and Sören Kock as new deans. In addition to this, the Board has decided to launch a new bachelor's programme in English, in parallel with the traditional bachelor's degree programme in Swedish. The first admission will take place in 2024.


Hanken has appointed Gyöngyi Kovács, Mika Gabrielsson and Sören Kock as deans for a three-year period starting on 1 August 2023. Gyöngyi Kovács will focus on research, Mika Gabrielsson will be responsible for education, while Sören Kock will be responsible for international relations and act as the rector's deputy in Vaasa.

In addition to these three deans, two associate deans were also appointed. Kaj Storbacka, current dean, will continue as associate dean focusing on executive education and corporate relations, while Nikodemus Solitander is associate dean of sustainability.

Bachelor's degree programme in English

At its meeting, Hanken's Board also decided that from 2024, bachelor's programmes will be offered in English alongside the programmes in Swedish. In 2024, the first 80 students will be admitted to the Bachelor in Business programme in English. The programme is offered in Helsinki.

Hanken will continue to emphasise the bachelor's programme in Swedish, which also in the future will have a larger intake than the programme in English. Hanken will continue to admit slightly over 300 students to the bachelor's programme in Swedish and 80 to the new programme in English.

In Swedish, the programme is offered both in Helsinki and Vaasa. All students in the bachelor's programmes are automatically entitled to take a Master's degree at Hanken.

The Ministry of Education and Culture has encouraged universities and colleges to admit more students, including international students. Hanken responds to the call to strengthen the educational level of the population in Finland, and to educate international experts who would also stay in Finland, by establishing this bachelor's programme in English in Helsinki, starting already in 2024.

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Ingmar Björkman, Rector
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