| 03.10.2014

Hanken appointed Anna Häggblom as Alumna of the Year

Hanken School of Economics annually appoints the Alumnus of the Year, a Hanken alumnus, who has been recognised for activities in society during the past year. The alumnus has also maintained an active relationship with the university after graduation.

This year Hanken's rector, together with the Alumni Council, has appointed Anna Häggblom, CEO of interior design and construction company AVEO, as Alumna of the Year. Anna Häggblom has remained continuously committed to Hanken's activities, is an active link between Hanken and the business community, and serves as a role model for both current students and other alumni.

"With this honorary appointment Hanken wants to remember its visible alumni and publicly emphasise that the person is a Hanken alumnus", says Rector Eva Liljeblom.

Anna Häggblom graduated from Hanken in 2006 with finance as major. Already during her studies she was active in the student union, and has since her graduation continued her commitment to Hanken's activities for example through her membership in the Alumni Council. Her latest commitment is within Hanken New Ventures, where she is an alumni representative in the steering group and a sparring partner for students interested in a career as an entrepreneur.

For the Alumna of the Year, co-operation with Hanken becomes naturally.

"Through my studies I received a solid education and friends for life. I see graduation not as an ending to my relationship to the university, but rather as a natural transition to a new chapter. Lifelong learning through a lifelong relationship", Anna Häggblom summarises.

The recognition was announced during Hankendagen in Vaasa on 3 October 2014. This was the sixth time Hanken appointed the Alumnus of the Year. Previous years the honour has been bestowed upon Veronica Lindholm, Ole Johansson, Philip Aminoff, Dag Sandås and Catharina Stackelberg.