| 04.10.2022

Hanken alumni satisfied with their careers

Studenter utanför Hanken i Helsingfors
According to the latest results, Hanken alumni are more satisfied with their career development and university degree compared to the overall average in Finland.

Every autumn, a national career monitoring survey is sent out to all those who have graduated from a university in Finland. The latest survey was sent out in October 2021 to those Master’s graduates that graduated five years prior (2016) and to those PhD graduates who obtained their degree three years ago (2018). The survey shows great results for Hanken’s part.

Up to 96% of Hanken Master’s graduates are satisfied with their degree, while 93% of respondents are satisfied with their career development and 96% would recommend their alma mater to other students. The response rate was also at a record high, 52,1%, which is the highest response rate of all the Finnish universities, as the national average is at 42,6%.

At national level, 89% of Master’s graduates said that they were satisfied with their Master’s degree and 88% are happy with their career so far. Of the respondents, 87% would recommend their university education to others.

All the post-graduate respondents felt that their work tasks had become more interesting, that they had gained a better position at their current job and that they had increased chances of success in the job market due to their doctoral degree. Of the post-graduate respondents, 80% claim that their salary had increased, and their professional tasks had become more demanding after obtaining their doctoral degree. The response rate among post-graduates was 83%, compared to a national average of 47,4%.

The employment rate for both Master’s and PhD graduates from Hanken is very high. Of the Master’s graduates up to 96,3% said that they had a job five years after graduation, while the corresponding percentage for the PhD graduates is 100%.

You can find more detailed information of both national surveys on Hankens website in Power BI format. Opens in new window In Power BI you have the possibility to filter the data with e.g., graduation year or major subject.

Every response is important for Hanken

This year’s national survey has opened 3 October. The survey was sent out to those who completed their Master’s degree in 2017 as well as those who received a PhD degree in 2019. If this applies to you, your personal survey has been sent to you by email, post or text message. Every response is important, so please remember to answer! The results have also influenced the university’s funding from The Ministry of Education and Culture since 2021.

Your answers can help both current and future students, as Hanken obtains valuable information for education development. The information about graduates’ career paths is also valuable for students when considering studies and career paths. In addition, the responses are used in career guidance for students at Hanken, as well as for accreditation purposes.

The national career follow-up surveys are carried out by the universities’ joint Aarresaari network (Career Services Network of Finnish Universities).

On top of the national career surveys, Hanken Career Services also follows up on how newly graduated Master’s graduates are doing in their career. The latest results are from the Master’s graduates of 2021 and it shows that a remarkable 98,8% of the respondents had some type of employment six months after graduation. The respondents were also extremely satisfied with their degree, as 99% of them said that they would recommend their studies to someone else. These results can also be found in more detail in Power BI format on the Career Services website.

More information:
Susanna Paul
Manager, Career Services

Mira Aarnivuo
Alumni Coordinator