| 11.11.2019

A doctoral degree develops analytical skills

Promotor Eva Liljeblom promoverar hedersdoktor Jan Vapaavuori.
Hanken arranged the conferment of doctoral degrees 25 October, where 47 doctors and 10 honorary doctors were conferred. Behind the PhD and the doctoral hat is an extensive education.

Not only does the PhD programme aim at making you an expert within your field - it helps you develop your analytical and logical thinking while getting a deeper understanding of science and theory, says Anu Helkkula, Manager of the PhD programme.

“As far as learning goals go, the PhD programme is all about helping you develop into a creator of knowledge from having been a consumer of knowledge – you create new knowledge together with others. You learn to ask questions and identify and analyse problems and areas of development”, says Helkkula.

A doctoral degree furthers and develops many skills that you need for working life. One of the promovendi this year is Sergey Osmekhin, who received his PhD in Finance in 2016. According to Osmekhin, presenting and structuring your point of view is one of the most important things to learn.

“The PhD programme entails developing your presentation skills; you need to present your results so that people understand your point of view. You are not solely a presenter; you also practice your listening skills and your understanding of other people’s thoughts”, says Osmekhin.

With a PhD you can work within many fields: academia, companies, different research centres, organisations, as a consultant, entrepreneur – basically with anything. Helkkula recommends the PhD programme for people with an interest in analysis.

“If you are interested in theory and analysis, and in creating your own theories, the PhD programme is for you”, says Helkkula.

Photo: Honorary doctor Jan Vapaavuori gets promoted by Eva Liljeblom. Read more about the honorary doctors here. Photographer: Laura Mainiemi.

This is a shortened translated version of an article from the Hanken Magazine No 3/2019. Read the full article in Swedish here. The magazine will be published on 20 November 2019.