| 27.06.2019

Teosto Joins Hankens Partner Programme

The copyright organisation Teosto can give students an insight to copyright matters, and give students interesting topics for their master's thesis.

Teosto administers copyrights for composers, lyricists and music publishers. At Teosto, HR director Inka Huttunen is looking forward to the collaboration with Hanken.

”Sometimes we get inquiries from people who want to write their master’s thesis for us, or do an internship at our office, so we wanted to get a better structure for this part of our work. Hanken’s Partner Programme was exactly what we were looking for”, says Huttunen.

Teosto was founded in 1928. The organisation provides users of music with licenses to use the music, this involves everything from radio channels and music services like Spotify to concerts and events. Teosto collects and distributes royalties to the music distributors they represent.

Teosto is non-profit partner in Hanken’s Partner Programme. Within the collaboration with Hanken, Teosto can give lectures about the music business and copyright, and about the organisation’s services, which are unique, according to Huttunen.

“Teosto is the biggest copyright organisation in Finland, and that is something we are proud of. Teosto was founded 91 years ago by composers, and we still bring added value through our services and our knowledge of the music business, seeing that we are in the very middle of it”, says Huttunen.

Teosto welcomes students that are interested in writing their master’s thesis for the organisation.

”We can provide students with different topics that can be interesting for both the student and for us. We are also happy to contribute in showing Hanken students what working life is about, and we are happy to open doors to working life where there are possibilities for that, says Huttunen.


Inka Huttunen är HR-direktör vid Teosto.jpg
– Hanken's Partner Programme was exactly what we had been looking for, says Inka Huttunen, HR Director at Teosto.