| 19.04.2022

A coherent identity is not always key to successful corporate branding

It is often assumed in corporate branding research that coherence and consistency are solid principles for a corporate identity. However, many older assumptions are challenged by the realities of our business world that is more diverse than ever. Sonja Sarasvuo who recently defended her doctoral thesis helps contest this fundamental assumption.


“My thesis shows that stakeholders have diverse perceptions of companies for many reasons. Employees’ perceptions of a company’s identity may vary depending on their professional background or culture. It further depends on the clients they interact with on a daily basis. Likewise, customers’ perceptions of companies vary depending on their experiences with companies; for instance, the length of the relationship with the company and what services they have bought specifically. While these insights may apply in many different companies, the findings are specifically drawn from a business-to-business context.” 
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