Hanken's invoice address

Hanken invoice address

Invoice instructions

Vendors are requested to use electronic invoicing if possible. All invoices must include a reference number supplied by the person who placed the order.

Address for electronic invoicing

Hanken School of Economics
EDI ID (OVT tunnus): 003702459077
e-invoice operator: CGI
Operator ID: 003703575029
PEPPOL Participant ID: 0037:003702459077

Paper and email invoicing address

In case electronic invoicing cannot be used, please, use the invoicing address below.

Hanken School of Economics
P.O.Box 839
00074 CGI

Please note that this postal box is for invoices only.
Email address for delivering invoices: purchaseinvoices_uni@xbs-salo.com 
The invoice should be in PDF with all attachments in the same file.

Please note that the invoicing address (as stated above) must be visible on the image of the invoice. If the official invoicing address is not visible on the image of the invoice, the invoice cannot be processed. The sender of the invoice will not be informed of any undelivered invoices.

VAT number is FI02459077