Vaasa International Talents

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The Vaasa International Talents is a joint programme of the higher education institutions in Vaasa. Its goal is to help international degree students to better integrate to the Finnish job market. Vaasa International Talents offers various possibilities to competence development and connections to working life in the Vaasa region. As a Master's degree student at Hanken in Vaasa you are more than welcome to apply for the programme. The next round of Vaasa International Talents is open for applications in autumn 2023, the dates will be published soon.

Vaasa International Talents - programme for international degree students

Five higher education institutions in Vaasa (University of Vaasa, VAMK University of Applied Sciences, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Åbo Akademi University and Hanken School of Economics) have joined forces to make it easier for international degree students to integrate into the Finnish job market. Financially supported by the City of Vaasa, the initiative called Vaasa International Talents is a bridge between international degree students and the employers in the region.

The aim is to provide all programme participants with various possibilities to develop their Finnish working life skills and to connect with regional companies and other actors. The set-up, however, might vary a bit from participant to participant. 

All programme participants will at the end of the programme receive a certificate of participation which can be used as future reference.

The programme structure

The programme consists of three distinct focus areas:

1. Competence development – Skills for Finnish working life

This part of the program will be common for all participants:

  • virtual guest lectures on different topics
  • assigned tasks, such as preparing a job application
  • feedback from the programme to your job application
  • discussions based on your learning journal

2. Group or individual mentoring

This will be offered based on the indicated needs of the selected programme participants, as well as the availability of mentors.

3. Connections to working life

The following activities will vary from participant to participant according to the needs of the students and those of the working life actors

  • internships and partial funding for these
  • thesis work
  • job shadowing
  • company visits

Learn more and apply

Read more about Vaasa International Talents at the website:

The next application period is to be announced in autumn 2023.


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