Unwrapping Finland

Unwrapping Finland with Hanken School of Economics is a video series created to support newcomers in Finland. It is particularly aimed for international Hanken students, but can also be useful for faculty members and employees who are new in Finland. We hope you find these videos useful when learning about Finland and establishing yourself in your new home country!

The video series is created in collaboration with Hanken and Kamilla Sultanova. Kamilla is an international public speaker and diversity & inclusion expert who has been living in Finland for 7 years.

The video series cover following topics: 

Video 1: Getting into the Finland state of mind

The first video “Getting into the Finland state of mind” offers you an introduction to Finnish lifestyle and culture, working culture and communication.

Video 2: Kickstarting your career

The second video “Kickstarting your career in Finland” introduces you to the big picture of the Finnish job market. It offers insights on what support you can get from your university and how you can hack your city and local community. 

Video 3: Networking in Finland

The third video focuses on the importance of networking and how to approach it in a new country. It highlights the framework for building a network and gives you a toolkit to start conversations.

Video 4: Cultural transition

The fourth video “Cultural transition” handles cultural shock and adjustment to a new country. Kamilla has herself experienced moving to new places several times and she gives her best tips on how to understand yourself in the new situation and support yourself in your individual cultural adjustment process. 

Video 5: Social capital and localising yourself

The fifth video “Social capital and localising yourself “ offers you insight on the importance of social capital. It also gives tips on how you can localise yourself in your new home country.

If you have any questions about the videos or want to discus more about the topics, please contact Hanken's International Talent Manager Henna Konsti .