Hanken HIT throughout the years

Hanken International Talent is Hanken’s initiative to support international degree students’ integration to Finnish working life and society. Founded in 2017, Hanken HIT has developed from a project to an important part of our services to the students.

Hanken International Talent is a part of Talent Boost

Hanken International Talent piloted in 2017 as a flagship initiative for international talent retention at Hanken and has since grown successfully. Hanken International Talent is part of the nationwide Talent Boost program organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, together with Business Finland.

Talent Boost is a national programme to attract international talent and promote their immigration to and integration in Finland. The aim is to increase awareness of Finland and make Finland attractive to international talent and, at the same time, improve the employment of international specialists who are already in Finland in jobs that correspond to their skills. Read more about Talent Boost here.

Collaboration between universities

In the capital region, Higher Education Institutions started Talent Boost collaboration through the project AIKO (Talent Accelerating Growth) in 2019, aimed to implement International Talent Programs in HEIs’ services. As Hanken was a pioneer in providing an International Talent program, Hanken International Talent figured as a model for other HEIs to benchmark and Hanken arranged workshops to share our valuable experience. The AIKO project ended in 2021 but tight Talent Boost collaboration between universities and universities of applied sciences has continued ever since.

From project to comprehensive support

From 2017 to 2021, Hanken International Talent was mainly focused on making individual connections between international students and companies. Supporting students’ integration, Hanken HIT matched students and companies, with focus on a mentorship between the two. The program also included events for networking and other valuable activities to get familiar with Finnish businesses and working life.

In recent years, Hanken HIT has developed from something one had to apply for, to an initiative including all international degree students at Hanken. Today, everyone can get support according to their needs and interests, and freely choose to complete a study module providing further support for integration into Finnish business life and society. Hanken International Talent is continuously changing and growing to provide the best possible services for our growing group of international degree students - both at Hanken and together with our stakeholders.

During the past years, our students have had different one-on-one collaborations with Hanken International Talent companies. The students have got an insight on the company and the field in question and at the same time found connections and networks within Finnish working life.

Hear about the previous collaborations with our students and HIT Companies:

Tri Nguyen got a mentor from Wärtsilä who helped him to develope his competencies and gain a better understanding about working in FInland.


Fazer & KPMG









Collaborations with stakeholders

The foundation of our services is built on strong collaboration with stakeholders. The active interaction with the Talent Boost network consisting of e.g., HEIs, municipalities and TE-offices, broadens the possibilities of services to our students. Throughout the years, company collaborators have also had a key role in ensuring work life interactions with students. In the former phase of the initiative, the following companies engaged as a mentor company for our students: