Residence permit

Here you find information on how to apply for a residence permit if your studies in Finland last over 3 months.

Who needs a residence permit to study in Finland?

  • You need a residence permit f you are a citizen of a country located outside the EU/EEA area.
    • Citizens of the EU, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or Lichtenstein do NOT need a residence permit to study in Finland, but only need to register with authorites.


When should I apply for a residence permit?

  • Apply for a residence permit as soon as you have received the admission offer!
    • The processing times for the application can be several monts, especially during the summer months wen many students apply at the same time. 
    • The processing of your application is only initiated once you have physically visited the Finnish consulate/embassy in the country where you officially reside to identiy yourself in person. Some times there are available time slots far in the future. 
  • Note! You can apply for residence permit already based on the admission offer (the offer can still be conditional), but rememer to accept the admission offer as soon as possible to ease the processing of your application.


How do I apply for a residence permit?

  • Read the instructions on the Finnish Immigrations Services webpages if you are applying for your first residence permit based on studies. 
  • Submit your application eletronically to The Finnish Immigration Services through their portal EnterFinland Opens in new window .
    • You can follow the status of your application and the process is smoother. 
    • Note! Apply for a Finnish Personal Identity Code simoultanously with your application! The code must be entered in Hanken's study register, you need it when dealing with authorities, phone operators, banks etc. in Finland! Notera! 
  • Make sure tht you submit all required enclosures with your application so that your application will not be refused, lacks in the following requirements are the most common reasons for refusal of the application: 
    • Internationally accepted health insurance Opens in new window
    • Sufficient funds to cover your living costs and tuition fees in Finland.
      • You need at least 560 euros per month to live in Finland, i.e. pay for housing, food and other expenses. 
      • In addition you need to have the funds to pay the tuition fees at Hanken/display proof that you have received a scholarship which extempt you from tuition fees/part of the tutition fees. 
      • You need funds to live in Finland during the whole validity of your residence permit. 
  • Book and appointment to visit the consulate/embassy located closest to the country where you officially reside when you submit the application - notet that you must bring all enlosures required for the application in original when visiting the embassy/consulate.  
  • When the application has been processed, you will receive your residence permit card and you can book your trip to Finland.