| 01.03.2023

Nominate Alum of the Year 2023!

Now is your chance to nominate Alum of the Year 2023 who will be appointed at Hankendagen in Helsinki 11 May 2023.

Alum of the Year is a person who is an inspiring role model in society. The alum has also maintained an active relationship with Hanken after graduation and shown interest in the development of the university.

This year, Hankendagen is held in Helsinki, and therefore we ask that the nominations would be directed to an alum with a connection to Hanken in Helsinki. The nominee must have a degree or an EMBA-diploma from Hanken.

The nomination period is 1 March to 31 March 2023. The person nominating does not have to be a Hanken alum.

Through this honourable appointment, Hanken wants to recognise prominent alumni and show the public that this person is a Hanken alum.

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You can read more about previous appointments here:
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Information about Hankendagen 2023 can be found here:
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Please contact alumni@hanken.fi, if you have any questions.