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The passing of a legend – Professor Evert Gummesson in memoriam.

Evert Gummensson

We have received the sad news that Professor Emeritus Evert Gummesson, Stockholm University, has passed away. Many of us know him as one of the founding fathers of the Nordic school of Service, who together with Professor Emeritus Christian Grönroos were among the pioneers of what we today call service research. A true pioneer – a legend – has left us. We cherish Evert’s commitment to the academic community and we are grateful for the longtime friendship.

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CERS's PhD Candidate Phuong Nyguen Winner of the 2023 DoCCA

AMS Review DoCCA

Our warmest congratulations to our Ph.D. candidate, Phuong Nguyen, and her supervisor Jaakko Aspara for being one of the winners of the AMS Review’s Doctoral Competition for Conceptual Articles (DoCCA).

Their winning proposal, "Human and Artificial Intelligence Collaboration: A Conceptual Framework and Review," offers an examination of the intricate relationship between humans and AI. Phuong has been invited to present her research at the AMS conference in New Orleans.

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New facultymembers CERS

We would like to welcome our two new faculty members starting 1st of March.

Assistant Professor Larissa Becker's research focuses on customer experience, journeys, service-dominant logic (SDL) and practice theory. Prior to joining us, Larissa was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Customer-Oriented Marketing Research Group at Tampere University. She has also work part-time as Professor at Faculdade Meridional (Brazil). 

Assistant Professor Mekhail Mustak's area of expertise is in service pricing strategies, customer participation, value creation, service innovation, knowledge intensive, business services ,B2B marketing. Mekhail is a member of the Value Creation for Cyber-Physical Systems and Services (CPSS) research group, University of Jyväskylä and prior to joining a Senior Researcher at Turku School of Economics (TSE).


CERS Researcher in WHO Covid-19 Research Database

CERS WHO Database


The World Health Organization (WHO) brings together scientists and global health professionals to accelerate research and to develop new norms and standards for mitigating the effects of the Covidー19 pandemic. The WHO COVID-19 database collects a wide range of interdisciplinary research. We are pleased to see that our researchers are developing impactful research that contribute to the solutions to one of society’s biggest challenges. 

Link to the WHO COVID-19 Database here.


Congratulations to Johanna Gummerus for being promoted to full Professor in Marketing! 

Professor Johanna

After all, what is customer experience?

In CERS' latest blog post, Assistant Professor Larissa Becker discusses the problem with the lack of a common definition of Customer Experience (CX), despite it being a buzzword in marketing and service practice. Larissa Becker identifies this as a problem for both researchers and practitioners as it hinders knowledge creation and managerial practice. To address this issue, she presents a common language of  CX: "customers’ nondeliberate, spontaneous responses and reactions to offering-related stimuli along the customer journey". The blog post calls for a more consistent and cohesive understanding of CX to improve research and practice in the field. 

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How Recommended Systems Affect Our Decision Making

Interested in learning more about how recommender systems (RSs) influence our decision-making processes during online shopping?

On CERS-latest blogpost, Phuong Nguyen dives into the topic, exploring how RSs influence the options we consider. If you're someone who frequently shops online, it's important to understand how recommender systems can influence your decision-making. Take some time to read through this blog post and gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and limitations of using RSs. 

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Christmas Traditions

Is there a change in the air for another social dominant logic or will Homo Sapiens be forced to change?

The question that highlights the problems around our commercialized Christmas. On CERS-blog Associate Professor Pia Polsa discusses our consumer culture around our Christmas traditions and how she has created a new identity for her family implementing an anti-consumption mindset. This mindset has become trendier in recent years but it’s not a new phenomenon for Polsa. During her time in China, she got introduced to their saving culture to which Chinese children in young age are introduced to. During the Luna new year’s celebrations tales about saving are told whilst children are gifted with the red envelopes, Hong Baos, containing money. Head on to the blog to gain a better insight to Polsas anti-consumption mindset and how she implements it in practices. 

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