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Congratulations to Johanna Gummerus for being promoted to full Professor in Marketing! 

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Christmas Traditions

Is there a change in the air for another social dominant logic or will Homo Sapiens be forced to change?

The question that highlights the problems around our commercialized Christmas. On CERS-blog Associate Professor Pia Polsa discusses our consumer culture around our Christmas traditions and how she has created a new identity for her family implementing an anti-consumption mindset. This mindset has become trendier in recent years but it’s not a new phenomenon for Polsa. During her time in China, she got introduced to their saving culture to which Chinese children in young age are introduced to. During the Luna new year’s celebrations tales about saving are told whilst children are gifted with the red envelopes, Hong Baos, containing money. Head on to the blog to gain a better insight to Polsas anti-consumption mindset and how she implements it in practices. 

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