People at the HUMLOG Institute

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Get to know the HUMLOG Institute's and SCM & SR's faculty, management, project researchers, associates and PhD students!

Diego Vega

A man wearing a white collar shirt, black blaser with his dark long hair in a high bun

Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, esp. Humanitarian Logistics at Hanken School of Economics and Director of the HUMLOG Institute 

Diego's an Associate Editor of the Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and participates at the Editorial Advisory board of the International Journal of Logistics Management, and the SCM programming board of the World Humanitarian Forum. Diego’s research interests include logistics services in humanitarian operations, emergency relief logistics, temporary organizations and competence-based strategic management for humanitarian organizations.

Wojciech Piotrowicz

A man with grey hair and a full beard looking at the camera with a slight smile on his lips. Wojciech is wearing glasses and a dark sweater on top of a striped collar shirt.

Associate Professor in Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility

Wojciech joined Hanken in 2017, after over ten years at University of Oxford. His research is related to Supply Chain and logistics in various contexts, performance and evaluation, as well as impact of technologies on organisations and societies. Currently he leads Academy of Finland project focused on humanitarian assistance and local markets under armed conflict conditions.

Gyöngyi Kovács

A woman in her 40's wearing a blue blouse with a thin black cardigan. Gyöngyi has long brown hair that falls down her shoulders.

Erkko Professor in Humanitarian Logistics

Gyöngyi's research has focused on the areas of challenges and trends in humanitarian logistics, humanitarian supply chain design, innovation in humanitarian supply chains, and humanitarian logistics skills and competencies. She has also conducted research in sustainable supply chain management and research approaches in logistics. She led the HUMLOG Institute since its establishment in 2008 until 2014. Gyöngyi is currently involved in many of the HUMLOG Institute's ongoing research projects.

David Grant

A man with no hair in his 60's with a beautiful smile on his face. David is wearing a black blazer with a black shirt underneath

Professor in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Hanken School of Economics; Professor of Logistics, Hull University Business School

David's research interests include customer service and satisfaction; services marketing and service quality; retail logistics; reverse, closed-loop and sustainable logistics; logistics and supply chain relationships; logistics in SMEs; and integration of logistics and marketing.

Graham Heaslip

A man in his 40's with short brown hair, looking at the camera with a natural smile on his face. Graham's wearing a blue suit with thin white stripes, a white collar shirt and a light blue tie.

Professor in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Hanken School of Economics; Professor and Head of School of Engineering at Atlantic Technological University

Graham's research interests are in the intersections between global logistics / supply chain management, humanitarian logistics and organisational management development. His research and consultancy interests span mainstream commercial, defence and other public service contexts examining supply chain management, and operations management issues which impact on organisational effectiveness or innovative practices.

Sarah Schiffling

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Assistant Professor in Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility

Sarah is a trustee for the Humanitarian Logistics Association. Her research interests include complexity in supply chains, trust and distrust in supply chain relationships, cash based interventions, pharmaceutical supply chains and the effects of transport disruptions. She frequently discusses logistics and supply chain topics on TV, radio, print, and online media and is a prolific author for The Conversation.

Mimmi Pöysti

A woman in her late 20's having a big smile on her face, wearing her long brown hair open. She's wearing a black shirt and a brown cardigan

Project Coordinator

Mimmi is HUMLOG's Project Coordinator. She coordinates the Institute's research projects, contributes to the research and provides general assistance to the research community at HUMLOG Institute. Mimmi is a Hanken graduate and wrote her thesis on humanitarian logistics in conflict zones.

Cia Leinonen

A woman in her mid 20's wearing thin rimmed round glasses, a black turtle neck and her light brown hair partly up with some falling on her shoulders.

Administrative Assistant

Cia has paired up with Kieto and is responsible for general administrative support of the daily operations of the institute. She is a master's student at Hanken, majoring in Humanitarian Logistics.

Kieto Mahaniah

A man in his early 20's smiling broadly at the camera. He's wearing a black sweatshirt with the Hanken logo.

Administrative Assistant

Kieto has paired up with Cia and is also responsible for general administrative support of the daily operations of the institute. He is a master's student at Hanken, majoring in Humanitarian Logistics.

Amin Maghsoudi

A man with short dark hair, brown eyes, slight dark stubble and a bright smile, Amin's wearing a blue white checkered shirt

Amin completed his PhD on Operations and Supply Chain Management at Universiti Sains Malaysia. His research interests lie in the area of humanitarian logistics, blockchain for supply chain management, cash-based interventions (CBI), inter-organizational coordination, social media in humanitarian operations, and data analytics. For the purpose of research and teaching experience, Amin has interviewed and connected with a number of humanitarian organizations (both national and international) operating within Southeast Asia (e.g., Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia) and the Middle Eastern region (e.g., Iran, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates). Some of his research results are published in peer-reviewed journals such as Supply Chain Management: An International Journal.

Ioanna Falagara Sigala


Ioanna is a Project Researcher at the HUMLOG Institute. She holds a PhD from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Her research focuses on cross-sector collaboration and coordination in humanitarian supply chains, the outsourcing of humanitarian logistics, the digitization of humanitarian supply chains, and cash transfer programming.

Virva Tuomala

A woman in her mid 30's wearing a black dress with a v-neckline, smiling beautifully with dark short hair.

Virva is a Project Researcher at Hanken School of Economics. She received her doctorate from Hanken and her research interests are urban food insecurity and the food supply chain.

Abdelsalam Adam Hamid

A man in his 30's wearing a yellow shirt with a blue striped tie. Abdelsalam har thick short black hair as well as a neatly trimmed beard and mustache

Abdelsalam Adam Hamid is a Project Researcher at the HUMLOGO institute. Abdelsalam obtained his PhD from college of business studies, business administration Department, Sudan University of Science and Technology, in Supply Chain, he is an assistant professor of supply chain at International Maritime College Oman. In addition, he worked as an assistant professor and head of Business administration Department at Sudan university of science and technology. Abdelsalam has published more than 20 articles in various journals, and his research interests lie in supply chain practices, logistics operations, management and industrial business. In addition, he is a reviewer for many journals.

Aino Ruggiero

A young woman wearing round glasses having her long brown hair in a low ponytail. Aino has a beautiful smile on her face and they're wearing a black blazer with a yellow shirt underneath.

Aino Ruggiero is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the HUMLOG Institute. She completed her PhD at the Department of Communication, University of Jyväskylä. Her research interests cover organisational crisis communication perspective in humanitarian logistics, crisis communication and management in the case of (CBRN) terrorism and other complex crises, governmental crisis communication, and community approach to crisis management. She has previously worked as a University teacher at the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE) Corporate Communication, and as a Researcher at the Department of Communication, University of Jyväskylä. She has recently collaborated with researchers from the University of Helsinki for a project on governmental crisis communication during the Covid-19 pandemic in Finland. As a researcher, she has worked with governmental organisations and research institutes in Finland and internationally.

Lijo John

A man with a neatly trimmed beard and mustache wearing black rimmed glasses and a pink collared shirt. Lijo has his black hair styled to the back.

Lijo John obtained his PhD from the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK). Prior to his doctoral studies, he did his Masters in Technology from National Institute of Technology Calicut in Industrial Engineering. He is currently associated with SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (Mumbai) as Assistant Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management. John was previously an Assistant Professor in the area of Operations and Supply Chain Management at the IMT Business School, Dubai. He is also a Visiting Researcher at the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Canada. His research areas include humanitarian logistics, supply chain management and supply chain contracts. His research has appeared in international journals such as Annals of Operations Research (ANOR), Sustainability, International Journal of Services and Operations Management, to name a few.

Bruno Garcia de Olivera

A man with a bright smile on his face. The man has short dark hard and white collarshirt

Bruno is a project researcher at the HUMLOG Instutute. In addition he's also an Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Catalao. He has a PhD from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Inside the field of sustainable development, his main research interest is the systemic connections between sustainability and business strategy. He focuses on sustainability at a strategic level and publishes in peer-reviewed journals about the circular economy, industry 4.0, and supply chain management.


Ardian Qorri

Ardian Qorri

Ardian works as a project researcher at Hanken School of Economics. He received his PhD from LUT University, Finland. His research focus is on sustainabiilty performance assessment, decision support tools, and sustainable/circular supply chain management. 

Anna Dziuba

Anna Dziuba Headshot

Anna Dziuba is an affiliated postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Marketing, HUMLOG Institute, Hanken School of Economics. Anna has defended her doctoral thesis titled “Coping with Managerialism and Instrumentalism in Academic Work: Acquiring Emotional Competence, Developing Creative Ideas, and Finding Meaning” in December 2022. Her current research interests include meaningful work, care work, contribution of art and artistic methods to management, emotions in institutions, inclusion in society and that of nonhumans, and organising in extreme contexts.


Jana Abíková

HUMLOG Research Associate 


Jana Abíková is a Research Associate at the HUMLOG Institute. Jana hold MA in Business Economics and Management with specialization in logistics and international transportation. She completed her PhD at the University of Economics, Prague at the Faculty of Business Administration. Her main research interests are in the field of human resources in humanitarian logistics, transit migration, and refugee crises, mostly question of location problem of the refugee camps. In addition to her research experience, Jana has work experience from for-profit and non-profit sector as well. She worked in automotive industry and for various non-governmental organisations like Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International or People in Need.

Nezih Altay

HUMLOG Research Associate

A head-shot of a man smiling at the camera. Nezih has dark short hair and neatly trimmed facial hair,

Nezih Altay is a Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Driehaus College of Business at DePaul University in Chicago, USA. In his research he tries to bring a supply chain perspective to humanitarian problems. His work with the HUMLOG Institute at Hanken focuses on the challenges of delivering humanitarian aid in conflict zones. This work aims to identify the unique characteristics and requirements of logistics in conflict zones and lead scholars to novel and challenging problems in this domain.

Elvira Kaneberg 

HUMLOG Research Associate

HUMLOG Elvira Kaneberg

Elvira Kaneberg is an Assistant Professor in Business Administration at Jönköping University, Sweden. Elvira’s main research interests are focused on Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Humanitarian Logistics.

Joseph Sarkis 

A professional picture of a elderly man wearing a grey blazer, black tie and dark grey shirt, Joe's smiling at the camera and wears glasses.

HUMLOG Research Associate 

Joseph Sarkis is a Professor of Management in the Foisie Business School within the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). His research and teaching includes sustainability, supply chain and operations management, and technology management.  He has over 400 publications in a wide variety of outlets.  He has been internationally recognized as a highly cited researcher by the Web-of-Science for the past four years. He serves as an editor, associate editor, or editorial member in some of the world’s leading management and environmental journals.  Joseph is the Co-Editor of the Springer-Nature Book Series on Greening of Industry Networks.  His most recent edited book is titled “Handbook on the Sustainable Supply Chain,” published by Edward Elgar Publishing. In recent years he has served as a visiting scholar at a number of universities throughout the world including universities in China, Egypt, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.  He has a Ph.D. from the University of Buffalo; and has been an Industrial Ecology Fellow.  Currently he is a program and working group leader in the Green of Industry Network (GIN), as well as the Future Earth Circular Economy Working Group.


HUMLOG Institute

George Ghazal

A man in his 30's wearing a blue collar shirt with small white dots. George has short dark hair.

George's primary research interests are related to applying specific Sustainable Development Goals to Humanitarian Supply Chains and then how will the region of the study be a better place when the goals are achieved. The research examines the role of certain SDGs in improving Humanitarian Supply Chains and increasing the awareness of these goals in the field of social responsibly,  which will enhance the performance of the organisation and enable it to save more lives while leaving NO ONE behind.

Russell Harpring

A man in his mid 30's with short black hair. Russell is wearing a black fitted blazer with a blue collar shirt underneath.

Russell's primary research interests are related to cash-based interventions in humanitarian operations, especially with respect to how they affect the supply chain and what measures can be taken to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.  Other areas of interest include simulation modeling, systems and network analysis, and process improvement.

John Munyoro

Picture of John Munyoro

John's research interests include blockchain strategies, conflict, disaster and emergencies mitigation, humanitarianism, project leadership and management as well as resettling refugees and internally displaces persons.


Sonja Saari

A young woman with a dark blue blazer and white collar shirt. Sonja has brown long straight hair and a beautiful smile.

Sonja's research interests include medical cold chains in humanitarian operations, with a specific emphasis on energy services' sustainability and resilience.



Félicia Saïah

A headshot of a woman wearing a beautiful smile on her face. Félicia has long dark brown hair and a black long sleeved shirt.

Félicia's primary area of focus is Humanitarian Supply Chain Management in Long-term Humanitarian Operations, with a specific emphasis on process modularity.


Claire Travers

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Claire's research focus is the localisation of humanitarian aid provision, specifically the use of local procurement and local manufacturing in emergency response programming.



Qifeng Yan

A man with black hair wearing glasses. The man in his late 20's is wearing a silver suit with a blue tie.

Qifeng focuses primarily on the applications of climate science in humanitarian logistics. He is interested how the impacts of natural disasters can be mitigated by using climate information in humanitarian operations. He is also interested in development studies and sustainability.




Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibilities

Robert Davtyan

A professional picture of a man in their mid 20's with dark short hair wearing a black collar shirt

Robert focuses on sustainable innovations in public procurement, as well as on the roles of small and medium sized enterprises in the process. Other interests include public transportation and cleantech development. Currently Robert manages UNHCR Certification Programme in Supply Chain Management training project and coordinates the learning of study cohorts.

Helleke Heikkinen

A woman in her 30's who has light brown short hair, round glasses, and a black shirt

Helleke started her journey towards a PhD after several years of working with startups, technology and international mobility in both Helsinki and Berlin. She is a Hanken graduate and her research interests lies withing the last-mile, were she is looking into the sustainability aspects of new phenomena such as on-demand delivery and quick-commerce.

Rosa Palmgren

A young woman with wavy shoulder length, light brown hair smiling at the camera. Rosa's wearing a classy black shirt with short sleeves.

Rosa’s research focus is on circular economy topics, mainly on reverse and circular supply chain aspects, for improving circulation of materials.



Greta Steenvoorden

A black and white picture of a woman in her mid-20's with long brown hair

Greta's research interests include the mechanisms that support or alternatively hinder the inclusion of factory worker's perspectives in the Corporate Social Responsibility practices of the multinational corporations in the developing country context.

Anna Zhuravleva

A professional picture of a woman in their mid-20's with a bright smile on her face with long wavy hair, wearing a black blazer with a white shirt.

Anna's research interests include closed-loop and reverse supply chain solutions, humanitarian supply chain and social responsibility. Previously, Anna was a leader of the global association 180 Degrees Consulting in Helsinki which connects students with local NGOs through various consulting projects. Under her leadership, students helped Finnish NGOs in identifying donor management and marketing strategies as well as in managing the supply chain of second-hand charity stores.