The HUMLOG Institute's Board Award

The HUMLOG Institute rewards each year one Master’s student and every second year one Doctoral student who have been writing the best theses in Humanitarian Logistics.

The topic of the thesis has to relate to humanitarian logistics and supply chain management.

Nominated Doctoral and Master's thesis need to fulfill the criterion of being a "research-based thesis with a good grade from a recognised university".

Submitted Doctoral thesis have to be finished and defended within the time frame of 6 years up to the nomination year.

Submitted Master's thesis have to be completed the year prior to the nomination.

Call for HUMLOG Institute Board Award


Nominations shall be done by the supervisor of the thesis and include the following:

- An extended abstract and/or executive summary in English

- A short reasoning why this Master's thesis is exceptional and nominated for the award including the grade (if applicable) and an explanation of the university's grading system.

- A link to the thesis online and/or an electronic copy (scan). Paper versions are allowed but need to reach the HUMLOG Institute by the deadline.

- The contact details of the nominee and supervisor(s) (e-mail and address)

Nominations have to be sent to, deadline for submissions for the 2022 award is 28.02.2022.


The prizes consists of: 


Awarded Master's theses






Charlotte Girardin

Stephan M. Wagner

Evaluating the Promotion of Innovation in NGOs – Survey and Interview Based Study beneficiary perspective

2021 Honorary mention

Clarisse Debalme

Tariq Masood

Humanitarian Operations: Using Big Data and Machine Learning for Managing Pandemics


Krichelle Medel

Tariq Masood

Building resilience in disaster management supply networks through cross-sector collaboration. Read thesis here

2020 Honorary mention

Brenda Farias

Adriana Leiras & Tharcisio Cotta Fontainha

Framework for performance evaluation in humanitarian operations from the beneficiary perspective

2020 Honorary mention

Sonja Saari

Arni Halldorsson

Renewable energy sources in emergency humanitarian medical cold chain for sustainability enhancing. Read thesis here


Lisa Swinkels

Harwin de Vries & Luk Van Wassenhove

Frequency Determination Policies for Mobile Healthcare Delivery. Read her blog post here

2019 Honorary mention

Ramin Satary

Irineu de Brito Junior

Optimization of Transport Network of Food Supplies for an international humanitarian organization


Federico Gatti

Bublu Thakur-Weigold

Helping the helpers: Evaluating the impact of logistics consulting in the humanitarian sector Read thesis here

2018 Joint runner-up

Karl-Kristian Stuns

Graham Heaslip

Evaluating the Logistics Emergency Response Unit Foundation Training of Finnish Red Cross Read thesis here

2018 Joint runner-up

Lisa Rustemeier

Maria Besiou

Evaluating the Resilience of Humanitarian Supply Chains to Improve Disaster Preparedness - A System Dynamics Approach


Emily J. Gooding

Jarrod Goentzel

A mixed methods approach to modeling personal protective equipment supply chains for infectious disease outbreak response Read thesis here

2016 Shared prize

Cecilie Collett Sælør Fon

Marianne Jahre

Logistics activities between emergency responses : A case study of Norwegian Red Cross Read thesis here

2016 Shared prize

Lauren A. Seelbach

Jarrod Goentzel

Stochastic Modeling to Allocate and Assess Disaster Response Capacity in Logistics Networks Read thesis here

2016 Honorary Mention

Thomas Büeler

Paulo Goncalves

Preparing Egyptian Red Crescent for the Future Read thesis here

2015 Shared prize

Julia Moline

Jarrod Goentzel

Data-driven resource Allocation Decisions: FEMA's Desaster Recovery Centers Read thesis here

2015 Shared prize

Silvia Uneddu

Paulo Goncalves

Supply Chain optimization of the distribution of mosquito nets in Ivory Coast Read thesis here


Juliet Bvekwa

Paulo Goncalves

Improving CARE Zimbabwe Non Food Items Management and Accountability Read thesis here

2014 Honorary Mention

Kathryn Nishimura & Jian Wang

Jarrod Goentzel

Calculating Humanitarian Response Capacity Read thesis here

Awarded Doctoral Theses






Hella Abidi

Wout Dullaert, Sander de Leeuw & Matthias Klumpp

Performance Management in Supply Chain-Application to humanitarian and commercial supply chains Read thesis here

2021 Honorary mention

Mojtaba Salem

Maria Besiou

Leadership in Humanitarian Operations


Hossein Baharmand

Tina Comes

Designing Flexible Relief Distribution Networks for Sudden-onset Natural Disaster Response Read thesis here

2019 Honorary mention

Tharcisio Cotta Fontainha

Adriana Leiras & Luiz Felipe Scavarda

Collaboration strategies in disaster response: a framework and an application Read thesis here (In Portuguese)


Timothy Luke Muggy

Jessica L. Heier Stamm

Quantifying and Mitigating Decentralized Decision Making in Humanitarian Logistics Systems Read thesis here


Miguel Jaller

José Holguin-Veras

Resource allocation problems during disasters: the cases of points of distribution planning and material convergence handling Read thesis here


Jessica Heier Stamm

Ozlem Ergun

Design and Analysis of Humanitarian and Public Health Logistics Systems Read thesis here