| 03.09.2020

Opening of Hanken’s Academic Year: Björn Wahlroos in a free open online course during the autumn

Karen Spens, rector of Hanken School of Economics, commented in her speech the research projects related to the coronavirus pandemic, the ongoing digitalisation of the teaching, and online courses that are free and open for everyone.

You can watch the recording from the opening of the academic year 3.9.2020 here.

Spens noted that Hanken’s investments in digital learning enabled to react fast during the spring when the teaching was moved online. The goal is that the technical equipment is renewed in all classrooms so that the teaching can be conducted online. Spens also acknowledged the experts at Hanken who have taken part in the public debate on the coronavirus pandemic and the research projects related to corona that started druing the spring.  

There will be four online courses during the autumn that are free and open for all. On the online course Principles of Wealth Management, Björn Wahlroos is the lead educator. Wahlroos has made a remarkable career in the field of banking, and he has served both as a professor and as chairman of the board at Hanken. The course starts at the end of October, and it focuses on wealth management, including diversification, risk and return, and market efficiency. The course provides, furthermore, an introduction to the history of finance.

The three other courses deal with development goals, humanitarian logistics, and service management. The Organising for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) course that kicked off again on 31.8.2020 has to date had over 3000 signed-up students from 131 countries. This course gives you the context to the challenges and opportunities of implementing the SDGs. They are a global challenge but are implemented in different ways locally and internationally.

The Introduction to Humanitarian Logistics course is currently open. It gives learners the possibility to understand in a very simple way what humanitarian aid and its logistics entail, directly from some of the most renowned academics in the field. Some students say that it has been a life-changing experience since it provided several possible entry points for a future career within humanitarian relief.

Principles of Service Management is a course in the field of marketing, led by the internationally well-known pioneer in service marketing, Professor Christian Grönroos. The course, which starts on 19 October, focuses on the management of service companies— both traditional service firms, like banks and tourist firms, but also goods producing companies that want to transform their business into a service firm.

The open courses are so called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course), and they are offered on the platform FutureLearn.

Additional information about the MOOCS:

Organising for sustainable development goals

Introduction to Humanitarian Logistics

Principles of Service Management

Principles of Wealth Management