Here you can find more information about the the Hanken Support Foundation's different funds.

1. Language courses in a country where German, Spanish or Portuguese are generally spoken

The grants are intended for BSc and MSc students at Hanken (registered as present) or alumni who graduated from Hanken within the past three years.

2. Summer Schools in a country where German, Spanish or Portuguese are generally spoken

Grants are awarded for Summer Schools within the field of economics and business in Schuster-countries, in first hand at Hanken's partner universities and in the second place other universities of good repute. The grants are intended for BSc and MSc students at Hanken (registered as present).

3. Other purposes than those listed under items 1 and 2 above

Grants may be awarded from the fund to faculty and doctoral students, provided that they are tied to studies or research in German-speaking countries within disciplines represented at Hanken, or studies in German, Spanish or Portuguese in countries where the language in question is generally spoken. The purpose of a grant of this type should be to promote teaching and research within the respective field at Hanken. Grants of this type may also be awarded for participation in conferences, seminars, symposiums, etc.

For more information on the principles for awarding the grants, please see "Types of grants".

The funds are distributed as grants to students engaged in licentiate or doctoral studies at Hanken. For special reasons, research and travel grants may also be awarded to Hanken faculty.  

Tenured faculty as well as long-term teacher and researcher substitutes may apply for the funds. Grants may be awarded for the following purposes: 

  • academic research
  • textbook preparation
  • professional and pedagogical training
  • study and research trips
  • to help language teachers maintain contact with the relevant language area

Grants may also be awarded for the purchase of literature as well as for other study and research material.

NOTE: The Commerce and Industry Fund is administered separately from the other funds and the grants are primarily intended for the departments.

The purpose of the Fund is realised through facilitating the invitation of representatives from scientific institutions or industry to visit Hanken as teachers or researchers.

Applications for inviting teachers and researchers to Hanken can be made throughout the year without having to follow any specified deadlines. The application should be submitted at least one month before the intended visit. Provided the application is complete, a decision can usually be expected within one month. Retroactive applications are not funded. Applications must be made in English.

The applications for funding within these programs should specifically state the following: name and position of visitor/ lecturer, name of the host, the visitor's/lecturer's academic and other merits (CV), a detailed program for the visit, including courses taught (also number of teaching hours) and/or research projects the visitor participates in during the visit at the university. A detailed estimate of costs (travel and accommodation costs, fees and hourly compensation plus other possible costs) must be attached. Please see additional information on applying in the document

Applications to the Commerce and Industry Fund are submitted through the Foundations online application system (please see link below), you choose "Invitation of Faculty" as the application purpose. The applications are assessed by the Grant Committee, and the decisions are made by the Rector and the Ombudsman for the Hanken Support Foundation.

If you have questions about applications for inviting a guest, please contact the Scholarship Liaison Officer ( who acts as secretary for the Grant Committee.