Continuing with Cash and Voucher Assistance during the Pandemic: Challenges and Digitized solutions

Humanitarian and Emergency Logistics Innovation Expo - HELIX 2021
" A platform for discussion on the emerging innovations and networking among humanitarian logistics practitioners, vendors and suppliers, and the wider humanitarian community in the region."

The Humanitarian and Emergency Logistics Innovation Expo (HELIX) is an initiative of the AHA Centre to capture the latest advancements and innovation in humanitarian logistics and supply chain management. It aims to provide ASEAN’s National Disaster Management Organisations a menu of solutions to address gaps in logistics capacities.

An introduction and description of key challenges to delivering cash and voucher assistance during the pandemic will be presented by Amin Maghsoudi (The HUMLOG Institute). This will be followed by a discussion expanding upon the problem description and providing insights from different contexts, including difficulties to scale up operations, by Russell Harpring (The HUMLOG Institute). Finally, digital cash assistance solutions in emergencies using blockchain technologies will be discussed by Severiyos Aydin from Aidonic, Inc.

This session focuses on the key challenges and mitigation measures of humanitarian organizations when they decide to deliver CVA, particularly through digitized solutions, such as blockchain technology, within affected countries.

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