Nordic Gender Equality Workshop

Hanken, Auditorium Maxen
Välkommen att delta i studiecirkeln ‘Co-creating Gender Equality from Classroom to Organisation: Innovations in Nordic Welfare Societies’, den 10 april 2019 på Hanken. Evenemanget hålls på engelska.



 Hanken School of Economics (GODESS Institute), KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, and Copenhagen Business School (CBS) invite participants to a workshop on ‘Co-creating Gender Equality from Classroom to Organisation: Innovations in Nordic Welfare Societies’ on 10 April 2019 at Hanken School of Economics.Gender stereotypes, and unequal gender relations and opportunities still constitute a significant barrier for people’s careers and family life. Hanken, KTH and CBS, therefore, want to create a series of workshops providing a shared platform to jointly develop new knowledge, practices, tools, and ideas to the benefit of all.For the workshop on 10 April, we are inviting a diverse mix of stakeholders to participate in exploratory co-creative sessions combining three interrelated topics:
(T1) Gender-influenced educational choices by young people,
(T2) Problems due to norms of masculinity in leadership, and
(T3) Gendered organizational norms.
The workshop will be action-oriented and co-creative, and will be guided by a team of expert researchers and practitioners with experience in relevant fields.Participants:The workshop is open to and targeted towards business and academic leaders, educators, managers, students, volunteers, NGOs, educational institutions, and youth/student organisations. Bringing together a diverse set of people will allow for discussing the topics in one shared forum and co-create effective solutions, which will subsequently be tested in specific partner organizations. The participants will thus become part of a Nordic community of students, teachers, professionals and leaders taking an active part in creating more equal opportunities.Date: 10 April, 2019, 09:00 – 18:00
Location: Hanken School of Economics, Arkadiankatu 22, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
Price: Free of charge for all participants, however the number of seats available is limited                    Registration: Please use this form to registerInquiries: Please contact us at Topics in more detail:T1: Explores how to influence young people of all genders to choose their education less based on gender-related norms and expectations and instead, grounded in developing personal ambitions, interests and talents.T2: Considers the challenges that current norms of masculinity pose for people in leadership positions. It will also discuss how to develop other legitimate forms of leadership in order to make it more accessible for people of all genders to lead with diverse leadership styles.T3: Deals with deeply gendered norms in organizations, including the issue of sexual harassment in the work place. It relates to issues of equal opportunity to labour market participation, reconciliation of family and work, and (mental) health.