Frukostseminarium med Fulbright professor Shuili Du

Auditorium 309 (3. vån)
Frukostseminarium Fulbright Professor Shuili Du

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Välkommen på frukostseminarium med Fulbright professor Shuili Du

"New Challenges for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Age of Artificial Intelligence"


8:30-9:00 - Frukostmingel
9:00-10:00 - Presentation och diskussion

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Mera om seminariets tema på engelska:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly widespread in today’s marketplace. However, consumers perceive AI technologies as paradoxes that promise scientific miracles, efficiency, and freedom on one hand, and foreshadow human dependence, passivity, and obsolescence on the other hand. At the core of such paradoxes are the numerous ethical challenges associated AI, such as AI biases, ethical product design, consumer privacy, cybersecurity, and individual well-being and autonomy. This research examines how companies could shape the future of ethical and trustworthy AI by engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to address these issues. It will investigate the effectiveness of different CSR actions in response to various ethical issues of AI by examining consumer reactions to the company (e.g., trust, adoption of AI products) and the efficacy of such CSR initiatives in enhancing societal welfare.

Shuili Du holds a Fulbright Distinguished Chair at Hanken during the autumn 2019. Prof. Du is well known for her research on corporate social responsibility (CSR). She is Associate Professor of Marketing at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics at University of New Hampshire.

Her research examines whether and how CSR and sustainability initiatives create business value, such as, what factors influence the potential impact of CSR on customer loyalty and firm innovation capabilities, and to what extent does CSR protect a firm in the face of a crisis.


Avtalet mellan Hanken och Fulbright Finland-stiftelsen gör det möjligt för väletablerade amerikanska forskare att tillbringa en period vid Hanken. Under sin vistelse skall forskaren undervisa eller forska vid Hanken samt bidra till att sprida Hankens forskning och kunskap till både näringsliv och samhälle.

Fulbright Finland-stiftelsen är en sakkunnigorganisation för akademiskt utbyte mellan Finland och Nordamerika, vars centrala mål är att stödja internationaliseringen av högskolor och forskning i Finland.


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