Management and Organisation

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The subject of Management and Organisation is the largest within the department and has a strong research climate, reflected in the volume and range of research activities. Research is characterised by diversity, covering issues within strategy, human resources, organisational behavior, business ethics, and gender studies. Scholars associated with the subject publish in leading journals and have also published many books with international publishers, found in our research database HARIS.

There are collaborative links with other universities and business schools around the world and cooperation with a large number of corporations. There is a fortnightly research seminar series as well as a number of research groups and projects.


On average, approximately three persons graduate yearly with a doctorate in management and organisation.


We offer a track on International Strategy and Sustainability within the specialisation Business and Management. It has since its inception in 2007 attracted a large number of applicants with an international profile.


Studies in Management and Organisation are intented to give the students knowledge about management of people and complex organisations. Central themes are for example management, power, change, strategy and processes. More information about both Bachelor and Masters studies you find here.


Contact person:

Professor Sören Kock