Courses open for all, cooperation studies, MOOCs and study modules

Want to complete courses at Hanken? Or are you a Hanken student wanting to complete courses at another university?

For visitors/external students - do you want to take courses at Hanken?

Do you want to take courses at Hanken? We offer several possibilities for both students from other universities and anyone wanting to learn!

Please note that if you are registered as present at another university/university UAS you can attend the courses free of charge as of 2019. Remember to use the e-mail address provided by your own university when registering for courses through Hanken's Open University portal or our separate e-forms, and to have an official, stamped certificate of enrollment at hand.

For Hanken's own students - how to take courses at other universities?

If you are a student at Hanken, and wish to take courses within a subject that is NOT offered at Hanken, you can apply for the right to take those courses at another university through the JOO agreement/cooperation (see details here).

Hanken and Arcada University of Applied Sciences also have a lot of cooperation, see details here.