Study module in Corporate Responsibility

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A cross-disciplinary module/minor in corporate responsibility offered by HANKEN.

The application to the Corporate Responsibility module 2022-2024 is open! Deadline to submit applications is May 31st, 2022. Apply here. For more information about the application process see "Non-degree students application process 2022" below. 

In today's business environment firms need to have capacity and knowledge to deal with issues, impacts and risks concerning stakeholder relations, environmental degradation, human rights, gender aspects, corporate governance, ethical conduct and other sustainability issues. To meet this need Hanken offers a study module in Corporate Responsibility (CR), which is designed to provide anyone residing in Finland and interested in CR with an in-depth understanding of issues related to CR from different stakeholder perspectives. 

The study module is an important part of Hanken's endorsement of PRME - the Principles for Responsible Management Education (for further info see UN PRME at Hanken).

The aim of the module is to provide students with an opportunity to learn about CR regardless of their major subject and educational background. The study module takes a cross-disciplinary approach combining courses from different subjects- Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Politics and Business, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Management and Organisation, Finance, Commercial Law, Economics, and Corporate Governance. Hence, the module is not a part of any specific subject/department at Hanken, however,  it is administered by the subject of Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility.

The minimum credits needed to complete the study module is 25 ECTS within a period of maximum two years  and can be registered, similar to a minor subject, as a study module on your bachelor's or master's degree or can be taken as a stand-alone module if you are not pursuing any degree (See module brochure below and more information below on 'Eligibility and process for non-degree students').


The study module in Corporate Responsibility at Hanken has been an excellent occasion for me to deepen my knowledge about CSR both from environmental and social point of view. I like the way professors have encouraged critical thinking. Course include both academic and corporate perspectives that help to broaden the vision of the complex world we are living in and tackle challenges modern societies are encountering currently.

—Heidi Heinonen, CR Module Participant 2018-20, Project Manager at Forum Virium

The courses that can be taken within the module at Hanken are listed in the files below. Please note that for students who are not degree students at Hanken, you can only take courses available at Helsinki campus. 


Eligibility for the module as stand-alone studies

  • Hanken offers 40 seats to non-degree students. 
  • The applicant should be resident in Finland and should have an interest and/or background in CR and this should be clearly mentioned in the motivation letter. Please note that it is not a requirement that he/she should be registered as a student in any University in Finland.
  • You are able to participate in the orientation session on Tuesday August 16th (10:00-12:00) and the compulsory introductory lessons on Thursday, August 18th and 25th (9:00-12:00). Both the orientation and introductory sessions will be held in Hanken's main building at Arkadiankatu 22 in Helsinki.

Application process and key dates 

1. Application

The applicants will need to fill out an online application. In the application you need to attach your CV. The application for 2022-2024 is open from April 26th at 12:00 to May 31st 23:59, 2022

2. Decisions

The decisions on admission will be finalised by Friday, June 10th and candidates will be informed accordingly.

3. Acceptance

Selected candidates will have to inform whether they accept their study place in the CR Module by Wednesday, June 15th.

4. Orientation and introductory sessions

The orientation session takes place on Tuesday August 16th (10:00-12:00) and the compulsory introductory lessons on Thursday, August 18th and 25th (9:00-12:00), these sessions are mandatory to attend. 


CR dates

Principles for candidate selection

While applying for the module, please keep in mind that we receive large number of applications and from very different kinds of individuals. We follow certain principles, as outlined below, to ensure people are not ‘’competing’’ unfairly with each other

  • We receive applications from both active students and working professionals, we categorise the applications according to those categories meaning to say, students ‘’compete’’ with students and working professionals with working professionals.
  • Furthermore, we receive applications from people working and/or studying in different fields and after the first categorisation (students and working professionals), we further categorise people according to their field/specialisation.
  • They are further categorised according to the length of work experience or level of studies.
  • After these categories have been made and every application is then evaluated in their group based on the motivation letter.
  • A number is set on the maximum number of individuals who can be selected from each category. This is done to ensure that participants selected in each category represent the same ratio as they represent in the larger application population (e.g. if there are 5% students within finance at Masters level applying, then in the final group of selected students, they will nearly represent 5%)
  • There are in total 40 seats in the module each year

Hanken students can take any course from the list without any restrictions. They can also take comparable elective courses at other universities in Finland or abroad, which have to be approved by the coordinator of the study module. If you want to include courses taken at other universities in the study module, we recommend you to first check with the coordinator ( that the course can be included in the module. If you need to apply for a JOO-study right, make sure to check deadlines on time. In order have it marked as a minor in your transcripts and degree, you need minimum 25 ECTS

Degree students in Vaasa should choose courses offered only at Vaasa campus. Currently, there are eight courses (including 1140-V 'Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility')  and together they are enough to obtain 25 credits, but there are not a wide range of courses to choose from. Therefore, students if they wish, can complement with courses taken at other universities in Finland or abroad. Please note that courses that you want to include in the study module should not be a part of any other study program (major or minor studies).

Students at Hanken who complete the module/minor can have it marked on their transcripts. However, please note that courses that you want to include in the study module should not be a part of any other study program (major or minor studies). Also, note that you have to apply to have it marked in your transcripts; see instructions below in ' Process after you complete the module/minor.'

When you have obtained 25 ECTS that can be included in the study module, you should:

1. Make sure none of the courses you want to include in the module is included in any other study programme (major or minor studies) in your degree if you are a degree student.

2. Send a list of the courses you attended and want to be included in the study module to studycounsellor-hki(at) or visit the study counselors during opening hours.

The opening hours for study counseling

  • Mon 13-16
  • Wed 9-12
  • Thu 13-16

NOTE: If you are taking the CR module as  a stand-alone module, you will then receive a certificate of completion as well as transcripts. Please fill this form:

Any questions?

Drop a line at and we will help as best as we can!