Detect and prevent plagiarism

Urkund helps teachers check students' work for possible plagiarism

Students' papers are compared against the content of three source areas - the Internet, published material and Urkund Archive build from previously submitted documents - and the result of the analysis with detailed matching information is forwarded to the teacher.

OBS! Urkund does not determine plagiarism, it just detects matching text.

Submitting papers as a student

  • Your teacher gives you an e-mail address (his/her own Urkund analysis address)

  • Send your paper to this analysis address as an attached file
    You may submit several documents with one e-mail. Urkund will not accept e-mails without an attachment.
    The following file formats are supported: doc, docx, sxw, pdf, txt, rtf, html, htm, wps, odt. Urkund also supports files compressed with WinZip or BinHex.

  • You will receive a confirmation letter in return  
    The confirmation letter is sent as an e-mail from support@urkund.se with the document's registration number and information about how Urkund works. This e-mail also contains instructions how to exclude your document from being a future source in Urkund for educational organizations other than Hanken. Read the confirmation letter at least your first time submitting a document.

Urkund via Moodle

In the new version of Moodle the plagiarism control tools Turnitin and Urkund are integrated, which means a student activity in Moodle is to check for plagiarism via Turnitin or Urkund. The result of the analyses will be available via Moodle.
Urkund has an integration with makes it possible to add plagiarism check to different assignments. A teacher wishing to use Urkund needs an Urkund account which is tied to a special email address.