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CERS operates on two campuses, in Helsinki and in Vaasa.


CERS in Helsinki

Hanken School of Economics / CERS 
Arkadiankatu 22

P.O. Box 478
Tel. +358 504091663
E-mail: cers(at)

Street address in Helsinki.

In Helsinki, we work on the second floor, at the address Arkadiankatu 22.

CERS in Vaasa


Hanken School of Economics / CERS
Kauppapuistikko 2
P.O. Box 287

Street address in Vaasa

In Vaasa, we work on the second floor of the Hanken building, at the address Kirjastonkatu 16.


You will find all CERS faculty here.

The Department of Marketing is situated in the new, west wing of the yellow Arkadia building. The Arkadia building is located between Arkadiankatu, Lapuankatu, and Perhonkatu, opposite Hanken's main building. The faculty and staff of the Subject of Marketing have their offices mainly on the second floor in the new annex.

The official address of our offices is Arkadiankatu 24.

How to find us? There are two entrances to our building on Lapuankatu: one on Arkadiankatu side and one on Perhonkatu. The main door of the building on Lapuankatu is permanently closed. If you come from Arkadiankatu, walk to the inner yard of Arkadiankatu 24; that is the first yard after Lapuankatu. Walk cross the yard and down the steps to the glass door. On the door, there's a number where to call to get the door open.

Coming from Perhonkatu side, turn right to the glass doors by the new wing of the building and call to the number on the door to get in.

When you come in, walk or take the elevator to the second floor, and you are at the Department of Marketing.