Rolling Admission to Business and Management

Rolling Admission
Hanken now offers admission to top students through a fast and flexible rolling admission process. This is to make it easier for international students to relocate to Helsinki and Vaasa.

As a part of Hanken's strategy to be one of the most international university-level business schools in the Nordic countries, we have incorporated a rolling admission application round. With the rolling admission application round Hanken wants to make the admission process faster and more flexible for applicants who we have seen having problems with the long handling times within the main application round. And as our domestic applicants also have two possibilities annually to apply to one of Hanken's specialisations or major subjects, we want to offer our applicants with an international degree the same opportunity.

Application 2021 open between 1 February to 31 May at

Rolling admission means that the 60 first applicants, who fulfill all the admission criteria, will be offered admission. Thus the criteria are high, to ensure that the students will be able to easily start studying at an advanced level at Hanken. The students that are offered admission through rolling admission are offered admission to the same specialisations/tracks as students that are offered admission through the main application round.

Applicants must fulfill all the following requirements. The 60 first applicants to fulfill all requirements will be offered admission, on a first come, first serve basis.

1. Bachelor's Degree from a recognised university or polytechnic outside of Finland

In order to be eligible for admission you must hold a bachelor's degree with the major subject Business Administration and/or Economics from a university or a polytechnic located outside Finland.

If your BSc degree does not clearly state the degree's major subject to be Business Administration and/or Economics, then your BSc degree needs to include at least the equivalent of 80 ECTS of studies in Business Administration and/or Economics (hereafter BA &/ Econ). You will be asked to describe which courses you regard as BA &/ Econ studies in your application. NOTE! Only courses that have been obtained and are visible on the transcript of records, and submitted with the application, will be considered when evaluating the applicant's educational background and amount of ECTS. Hanken cannot evaluate the applicant's educational background in advance. The evaluation is only done during the processing of the applications with the application and enclosures at hand. More information under Degree regulations under Enclosures and regulations.

2. Language requirements - see details about Language Requirements on our webpage Enclosures and regulations

All applicants to the MSc level need to fulfill one of the following language requirements:

  • IELTS Academic: a minimum score of 6.5
  • TOEFL IBT: a minimum score of 92 (internet-based test) or 580 (paper-based test)
  • PTE Academica minimum 62
  • Cambridge C2 Proficiency (previous name CPE): a minimum result of C1 (or C if taken when the test was called CPE)
  • Cambridge C1 AdvancedGrade C
  • Bachelor's/Master's degree or secondary education conducted in English language in: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States (no other countries are accepted).*

*In case the degree is a double degree/triple degree/transnational degree/joint degree, at least 50 % of the degree needs to have been obtained while the student physically has been studying in the country in question in order to fulfill the language requirement.

No other English proficiency tests are accepted. These are the requirements for all applicants. The test has to be valid when applying (+30 days).

3. GMAT or GRE admission test/GPA requirement - see details about GMAT/GRE Admissions Test on our webpage Enclosures and regulations

All applicants need to fulfill the following requirement of a sufficient test score in the GMAT/GRE admissions test. The test is mandatory for all applicants*.

Required GMAT/GRE test scores (test has to be valid when applying +30 days)

  • GMAT: a minimum overall test score of 600 or  
  • GRE: In Quantitative Reasoning a test score of at least 160 and in Verbal Reasoning a test score of at least 154, in Analytical Writing a test score of at least 3.5

*Exempted from this rule are only applicants who have conducted their eligibility-granting BSc degree at one of Hanken’s partner universities for student exchange and whose GPAs meet the GPA requirement of at least Grade B+ (US grading scale) or 4 out of 5 on a Finnish scale. Thus, if you are a BSc graduate from one of our partner schools you do not have to submit a GMAT/GRE test score.

Regarding language tests and GMAT/GRE tests: it is the applicant's responsibility to find out the test dates and closing dates for registration. The test procedure may take several months including registration for the test, taking the test and getting the results. Check the validity of your test score and make arrangements for a new test well in advance, if necessary. All test scores need to be valid when applying + 30 days.

For studies staring in August 2021, Hanken offers admission through rolling admission for 60 new students:

  • 40 to Marketing and Management (Vaasa)
  • 2 to Humanitarian Logistics (Helsinki)
  • 9 to International Strategy and Sustainability (Helsinki)
  • 9 to Marketing (Helsinki)

Hanken's process for admission:

1. Applicant fills in the application and encloses high quality copies of their degree certificate, transcript of records, copy of passport, copy of language test result, copy of GMAT/GRE test result (test-taker's copy) and all other demanded enclosures. Translations are needed for all documents (if not in English, Swedish or Finnish).

  • Send in your application after you have completed and received scores for the required tests (language, GMAT/GRE). Hanken cannot process applications without being able to verify the required test scores. If the GMAT/GRE test score cannot be verified (or GPA when applicable*), then the process ends and the applicant is asked to apply again once he/she has a valid test score from a GMAT/GRE aptitude test (or GPA, when applicable*). Hanken will not verify language test scores without first being able to verify a GMAT/GRE test or GPA (when applicable*)
  • We recommend that you should already have graduated as a BSc before applying, to ensure hat you have all the needed documents for your application. You can apply if you haven't graduated yet, as long as you graduate by the 31 July, before studies starting in August that same year. Note that Hanken only evaluates courses visible on your transcripts of records, thus we cannot take into account courses that you will complete after sending in your application.

2. Applicant submits the application once it is complete. The application has several questions and requires a lot of enclosures.

3. Hanken processes the application and checks all the uploaded documents and might contact the applicant if any questions arise. Hanken reserves the right to ask the applicant for officially certified copies of degrees, transcripts and translations already at this stage.

  • If the applicant has not submitted a copy of a GMAT/GRE* test result or a language test result, the applicant's application will not be processed, until the applicant submits copies of the test results.

4. If the applicant is eligible for admission, they should receive an e-mail within 14-21 days with a conditional offer of admission.

5. The applicant accepts the offer of admission (note the Principle of accepting only one offer of admission) and pays the mandatory annual student union fee and possible tuition fees within 14 days.

6. The applicant sends in their educational documents by post to Hanken, according to country specific requirements. The documents have to arrive at Hanken at the latest on 31 July, before studies starting in August that same year.

7. Once the fees have been paid and documents have been sent in according to country specific requirements, the offer of admission is no longer conditional.

8. The Orientation Days in August are mandatory, and your original BSc degree (in paper) will be checked then.

* Applicants who have attained their BSc from one of Hanken's partner universities do not need to take a GMAT/GRE test in case they have a GPA of at least B+ US scale/4 out of 5 on the Finnish scale.

Enclosures to upload with your application

You need to submit the following documents electronically, in high quality scanned copies:

1.Copy of your Bachelor's degree certificate/diploma + possible official translations if not in English, Swedish or Finnish (if you have graduated)

2.Official transcript of records + possible official translations if not in English, Swedish or Finnish

3.Diploma Supplement (if available) + possible official translations if not in English, Swedish or Finnish


5.Certificate of English language proficiency/test score report (IELTS, TOEFL, CPE etc) - test score needs to be valid

6.Photo copy of your valid passport

7.Copy of your residence permit if it exempts you from the tuition fee requirement


Once an applicant is offered admission, the applicant is to send in to Hanken officially certified copies by post, according to country-specific requirements before 31 July, if studies start in August that same year.

Hanken reserves the right to ask the applicant to send in officially certified copies by post, according to country-specific requirements, before the decision of an admission offer has been made.


Detailed descriptions of the rules & regulations regarding the documents can be found on our homepage Enclosures and regulations. All test results need to be valid when applying + 30 days.

Please note, we also accept the following electronic transcript verification services: