In the coming years, Hanken will continue to focus on high-quality research and education, internationalisation, strong corporate connections, and social responsibility and sustainability.

Hanken Strategy Framework

Hanken’s strategic framework consist of three main elements:

The long-term strategy Hanken 2025 defines directions for decision-making by setting the strategic objectives for Hanken. The mission defines Hanken’s core purpose and the vision defines Hanken’s long-term goals. The strategic profile forms the basis for Hanken’s activities.

The substrategies define the long-term strategy more explicitly in the selected areas of Research, Teaching and Learning, Human Resources, and Marketing Communication.

The short-term strategic action plan operationalises the long-term strategy and the sub-strategies for a four-year time period. The short-term strategic action plan includes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are continiously monitored by the Board and by which development is measured.

To support the strategies, Hanken has a Language Policy and a Quality Policy that outline the management of quality and standards at Hanken.

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