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When looking into what Hanken alumni are doing now, you are bettering your industry knowledge and thus working with step 2 in your career planning.

Hanken graduates are very successful in launching their careers and as a Hanken student a wide selection of careers awaits you!

Career Services follows up on how newly graduated alumni are doing, through the first destination survey that is sent to all Master's students that graduated six months ago. On top of that, we also follow up on the careers or the alumni five years after graduation, and three years after for doctoral graduates. This career survey is conducted in the same way at all universities in Finland.

Latest results

According to the first destination survey conducted by Career Services, up to 96% of the 2018 & 2019 graduates had found employment within 6 months of completing their degree. Of the 2018 & 2019 graduates, 89% had found a job that matches their studies within 6 months after graduation. Of the Master's students that graduated in 2014, 94% were employed in one way or another when they were asked in the Autumn of 2019.

Of the doctoral students that graduated in 2016, 99% were employed in one way or another six months after graduation. Three years after graduation, the percentage was the same. The proportion of doctoral graduates with a temporary & fixed term full-time job had risen from 25% to 33%. 

Below you can see the overall results of the surveys. Below that, behind the links, you can check the results of the masters by major subject, 6 months and 5 years after graduation.

5 years after graduation: Master's graduated in 2013 & 2014

Career survey on Masters graduated in 2013 & 2014

Career survey on Masters graduated in 2013 & 2014

6 months after graduation: Master's graduated in 2018 & 2019

Career survey on Master' graduated in 2018 & 2019

Career survey on Master' graduated in 2018 & 2019

3 years after graduation: PhDs graduated in 2015 & 2016

Career survey on PhDs graduated in 2015 & 2016

Career survey on PhDs graduated in 2015 & 2016

Career profiles of Master's according to major


Information about the surveys

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Results of the national alumni career survey presented elsewhere (five years after graduation)

Visit toissa.fi and see where graduates in Finland have found employment. On the website you can search for where other graduates in your field have ended up by choosing the field "Kauppatieteet". The service is based on the results of career monitoring surveys carried out in previous years, that is the same data that is presented on Hanken's website in the form of infographics. 

On the töissä.fi website you can among other things find information on which study fields lead to the job you are interested in. You can also read work stories written by alumni. 

Another source where you can find information on the career paths of university graduates in Finland is Vipunen, the Statistics Finland portal of the Ministry of Culture and Education and the Finnish National Agency for Education. Here you can find reports on the placement of university graduates one, three and five years after graduation. These reports are also partly based on the same national alumni career survey data that the töissä.fi website is using and that is used for Hanken's infographics. 

Universities Finland, or Unifi for short, is a co-operational organisation for Finnish universities. For the first time in the Autumn of 2019, Unifi published a joint result report for The Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey (Kandipalaute) and the national career monitoring survey for alumni. The reports can be found on Unifi's website (in Finnish).