| 25.10.2018

New Board elected to Hanken

The University Council of Hanken School of Economics has in its meeting on 25 October 2018, elected a new Board for Hanken. The term of office for the new Board is 1 January 2019 – 31 December 2021.

Internal members
The internal members are nominated and elected among the Hanken faculty and staff. The following persons have been elected as internal members in the new Board:

Sampo Sauri, Mediaproducer
Kristina Heinonen, Professor in marketing
Kenneth Högholm, Professor in finance
Mikko Vesa, Assistant Professor in management and organisation
Sofia Stolt, Lecturer in Swedish

Student member
The Student Union appoints its own representative to the Board. For the new Board, the students appointed:
Rasmus Sinnemaa

External members
The external members are elected by the University Council based on a suggestion by an election committee. The following persons were elected external members to the Hanken Board:

Jannica Fagerholm, Managing Director, Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation
Roger Holm, Director, Wärtsilä Maritime Solutions
Janne Larma, CEO, eQ Plc and Advium Corporate Finance
Agneta Marell, President, Jönköping University

The Board is the highest decision-making body at Hanken. It consists of 10 members; of whom five represent the faculty and staff at Hanken, four are external and one represents the students. The Chairman is always one of the external members.

More information:
Marlene Günsberg, Communications Manager
040 3521 212