| 07.06.2018

Lotta Vuoristo’s PhD thesis awarded

The Finnish Service Alliance awarded Dr Lotta Vuoristo the Best Doctoral Dissertation of the Year Award in May 2018.

Lotta Vuoristo received her PhD in Marketing from Hanken in 2017 with the

Lotta Vuoristos doktorsavhandling premierades.

thesis Making Sense of Customer Relationships: A Consumer Perspective. She now works as Change Management Manager at Kone.

According to the jury the thesis brings a fresh perspective to the relationships between companies and customers. The jury also noted the media attention the thesis has received and considered Vuoristo’s work as a gateway for novel research and business practices in this domain.

- I am very happy about the award. My study opens a new avenue for research in the previously saturated field of customer relationships. Companies need to utilize the knowledge of how consumers perceive and make sense of customer relationships to build better relational strategies and services to truly create mutual benefits and contribute to consumer well-being, says Lotta Vuoristo.Read the whole interview with Lotta here.
You can find Lotta Vuoristo’s award winning thesis here.Photo: Minna Pura