| 29.03.2021

LibKey Nomad – a new browser extension for remote access to licensed journal articles

The previous service LEAN Library ends on March 31 and is replaced by LibKey Nomad, a browser extension that provides links to fulltext scholarly articles when you are working off-campus - without having to take the route via the library’s website or Hanna/Finna. Just download the LibKey Nomad browser extension.

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that provides instant links to fulltext content for articles as you do research on the web. Nomad works with Hanken Library to figure out the fastest path to content across thousands of publisher websites. Special enhancement is also performed in-line on sites like Scopus and Web of Science. Nomad is currently available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi.

When you are off-campus, you can use the LibKey Nomad extension to read journals without having to take the route via the library’s website or Hanna/Finna.  Nomad will let you know when you are on a website the library has access to, by notifying you with a Hanken button.

LibKey Nomad also provides alternative legal routes to fulltext articles when you hit barriers. The extension will automatically search for open versions of the article or provide a link to the library’s ordering service.

Easy set up:
1. Visit www.LibKeyNomad.com
2. Select your browser icon and follow the instructions to add Nomad to your browser
3. Search for Hanken School of Economics in the dropdown menu.

More information on the library's website.

User guide: https://assets.thirdiron.com/webassets/Nomad_User_Guide.pdf

Mail your questions and comments about LibKey Nomad to library@hanken.fi