Information from the Academic Council’s meeting 1 November 2017

Information from the Academic Council’s meeting 1 November 2017

Summary of the decisions made during the meeting 1.11.2017.

In its meeting on 1 November 2017 the Academic Council (AC) approved of 14 master’s theses. The AC meeting in August 2018 was rescheduled from 29.8 to 28.8.2018.

Schedule for course registrations

The course registration closes one week before teaching period starts, with the exception of period 1 in the autumn when the registration closes the day before the teaching period starts.

Decisions on revising the instruction for studies and examination

The bachelor thesis will be included in the GPA and hence needs a quantitative grade. The BSc thesis will be included in the course grade for the BSc seminar course.

AC also discussed the phenomenon that master’s students retake mandatory basic courses in order to get higher grades and improve their GPA before graduation. A solution to this is needed as it demands resources.

Discussion regarding revising the instruction for studies and examination

When referring to the master’s level the term ‘programme’ is no longer to be used, since Hanken now only has one master’s programme that is delivered in Swedish or English. The different options within the master’s programme are referred to as specialisations.

The period of validity of course assignments was discussed. AC agreed on keeping the existing recommendation that assignments are valid only during the ongoing academic year.

E-examination of doctoral theses

During the meeting, the process of a doctoral thesis submission to review by external examiners was described. The Dean of Research (not by AC) appoints the preliminary examiner. After that an onwards the whole process is managed electronically. The online discussion that AC members have taken part in hasn’t worked thst well as there is no one moderating the discussion. AC proposed that the Dean of research will moderate the discussion but otherwise the process remains the same. AC can discuss doctoral theses at any time during its meetings.

Decisions on doctoral thesis

Within the electronic management of doctoral theses, the following decisions have been made:

The Academic Council approved the following theses:

Philip Gylfe ”Choreographing strategy: An exploration into middle managers' embodied interaction”

Kelli Larson “The exploitation and enforcement of patents by non-practicing entities: practices, developments, and future challenges”.

Rector’s overview

The board of Hanken has decided to join the Helsinki GSE-project. The outlines are agreed upon and the project must not add new costs to Hanken. Aalto and University of Helsinki are also involved in the project.

Hanken does not support the idea of merging the higher education institutions in Vaasa, but supports continues cooperation. If the University of Vaasa wishes to establish a bilingual university in Vaasa it has to be carried out without resources from Hanken.