High degree turnout and digitalisation characterise Hanken’s 2018

High degree turnout and digitalisation characterise Hanken’s 2018

The financial statement for 2018, approved by the Board of Hanken in April, shows that Hanken has maintained its position as an internationally recognised, competitive and research-oriented business school. 

Stable economy

In 2018, Hanken succeeded in improving the operating profit to EUR -1,8 million (EUR -2,4 million in 2017) mainly due to the costs decreasing with EUR 0,5 million to EUR 24,6 million and funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture remaining unchanged at EUR 16,9 million.

The financial posts amounted to EUR -10,4 million, which gave the net result EUR -6,8 million, compared to EUR +4,9 million last year. The reason for this deficit is a transition to account for market value in the income statement combined with a drop on the stock market.

The portfolio value amounted to EUR 102,7 million after last year’s dip on the market, but has regained value during the first quarter to EUR 110,0 million.

High degree turnout and stable student progression

The number of graduates on both bachelor’s and master’s levels remained at a very good level, well exceeding the targets agreed upon with the Ministry of Education and Culture. The number of bachelor’s degrees amounted to 266 (2017: 256, target 250), and the number of graduated master’s students to 312 (2017: 280, target 290)

Student progression on bachelor’s and master’s levels remain good and the share of students that complete at least 55 study credits during the year was 41,8 % (2017: 42,4, target 30).

Hanken faces a challenge in motivating the doctoral students to study full time and complete their doctoral degrees. The amount of doctoral degrees this year decreased to 6 as the target is 14.
International orientation

Hanken continues to be the only university in Finland with a period abroad as a compulsory part of the bachelor’s degree. The overall student mobility (outgoing plus incoming exchange students) continues to grow. The number of students who spent at least three months on an international student exchange or internship is continuing to rise, 480 (2017:438, target 380).

Hanken research continues to be world class and was ranked among the top ten universities worldwide regarding citation and research co-operation in the international U-Multirank ranking. Hanken is also focused on keeping up with the progress, which can be seen in the appreciated efforts made within digitalisation. Hanken came in first in a survey among all master’s students in Finland concerning the digitalisation of teaching. This is most likely a result of the various digitalisation projects that have been carried out in cooperation with the Hanken Support Foundation.

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