Hanken’s quality system approved in national audit

Hanken’s quality system approved in national audit

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) has approved Hanken’s quality system.


The audit evaluates quality systems in higher education and focuses on the organisation, division of responsibility, procedures and resources that quality management is based on. Quality management pertains to processes and systems that lay the foundation for maintaining and developing quality in the operations.

- I am very pleased that the hard work we have done in order to improve our quality system has paid off and that we passed the audit, says Rector Karen Spens.

The audit team considers that Hanken has made substantial progress since the initial audit.

- The Rectorate has taken several initiatives to develop the quality system, to link different quality processes and to formalise procedures. An overall view of the quality system has been developed”, says the Chair of the Audit Team, Professor Jacques Lanarès from the University of Lausanne.

FINEEC also states that the quality culture at Hanken is characterised by a strong commitment to high quality outputs, in line with the ambitions of excellence of the university.

The quality work at Hanken will continue also in the future, alongside the work to secure the international accreditations by focusing on outstanding research and education, as well as internationalisation and corporate relations.

The quality system at Hanken was audited during autumn 2016 by an international audit team.

Please see the FINHEEC press release for more information: https://karvi.fi/en/2017/03/13/hanken-school-of-economics-received-a-quality-label-a-quality-culture-aiming-at-excellence-is-strongly-shared-at-all-levels-at-hanken/

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