Hanken researchers’ paper nominated for prestigious prize

Hanken researchers’ paper nominated for prestigious prize

An article written by Hanken researcher Maria Törnroos and Hanken affiliated researcher Paula Koskinen Sandberg is nominated for 2019 WES-SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence.

The article, that analyses the role of collective agreements in institutionalising and legitimising the work conducted by women, is published in the journal Work, Employment and Society. Roosa Kohvakka, Senior Reward Consultant at Mandatum Life, is also a co-author.

The SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence is awarded annually to one paper in each of the British Sociological Association’s four prestigious journals: Cultural Sociology, Sociological Research Online, Sociology, Work, Employment and Society. Maria Törnroos says it is an honour to be nominated to this award.

“We are grateful that BSA notices this important subject, which doesn’t only affect Finland but also other countries. To correct the undervaluation of women’s work it is important that we investigate the underlying causes, and move the focus from blaming the women to studying the structures that conduce to undervaluation. Paula is doing incredible work about this and I am happy that she took me in on this project”, says Törnroos.

This prize is awarded to the paper judged to be the most innovative and/or exceptional in the past year’s volume of the journal. The winning article will be announced in September.  

The nominated article is:
Paula Koskinen Sandberg, Maria Törnroos, Roosa Kohvakka, The Institutionalised Undervaluation of Women’s Work: The Case of Local Government Sector Collective Agreements, 32(4), 707. The article behind the link is archived by Hanken and is not the final published version.


Maria Törnroos and Paula Koskinen Sandberg