| 16.08.2023

Hanken researcher Joakim Wincent has been awarded the Foundational Paper Award

Professor Joakim Wincent's research on entrepreneurship has been awarded the Academy of Management's internationally prestigious Foundational Paper Award. No European has previously received this honour.

The Foundational Paper Award is given to a research finding that has significantly influenced the scientific discussion and made researchers think in new ways for at least a decade.

"It is of course great and inspiring to receive such an award. It was not something I thought I would get, but it feels really good to be recognised in this way,” says Professor Wincent.

Joakim Wincent started researching back in 2003 why many entrepreneurs manage to cope with failure and challenges. The award follows a review of the published articles in a field that many people work in and the articles have contributed to a better understanding of entrepreneurs and business management.

“The year 2009 was a starting point for this when I, together with a research team, published the article "The Nature and Experience of Passion". At the time when the article was published, work passion was not something that was discussed in research. The article clarified the concept and what the passion that entrepreneurs and managers feel leads to and how it affects companies," says Professor Wincent.

The article was published in the journal Academy of Management Review, which led to Professor Wincent, along with Professors Melissa Cardon, Jagdip Singh, and Mateja Drnovsek, receiving the Academy of Management's 2010 Idea Award for the best published idea of the year.

“In a broader perspective, the research has laid the foundation for a new way of looking at leadership. In practice, it is also about a leadership that takes into account how to connect people's identity to the workplace and build conditions for positive feelings about the job. Passion prevents burnout even under heavy workloads," says Professor Wincent.

The award was announced by the Academy of Management, the world's largest business research organisation. 

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