| 02.06.2017

Hanken introduces Tenure Tracks in faculty recruitment

Clearly defined career paths have become important when universities compete in recruiting international top scholars and keeping existent staff. For that reason Hanken has decided to introduce Tenure Tracks.

Hanken will introduce two parallel tenure tracks, a research track and a lecturer track. Tenure track is an internationally well-known concept, where universities guarantee promotions according to a pre-defined scheme if the person fulfills certain criteria. The highest level in the research track is professor and in the lecturer track it’s senior university lecturer.“Hanken has a clear goal to be an accredited, international business school and the introduction of the Tenure Track-system is an important step on that path”, says Timo Korkeamäki, Dean of Research. “Hanken has to follow the developments in the job market and Tenure Tracks are increasingly common both in Europe but also in Finland”, Korkeamäki adds.The primary recruitment path for teaching staff and researchers will be the research track, just like in most of the universities in Finland.