| 16.07.2019

Hanken in a debate concerning research in decision-making at SuomiAreena

Hanken joins SuomiAreena in Pori with a debate about the importance of research based decision-making in society. The discussion takes place 18.7.2019 at 10 and will be live-streamed online.

.Facebook cover photo for event "Faktaa vai fiktiota"

Digitalisation has made research easier to access but has also made fake news and self-declared experts a common phenomenon.This is also the theme for Hanken's debate (in Finnish) at SuomiAreena: Faktaa vai fiktiota? Tieteellisen tiedon hyödyntäminen yhteiskunnassa
● Krista Kiuru, Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services, SDP
● Sanni Lehtinen, Chair, National Union of University Students in Finland
● Riitta Maijala, Vice President for Research, Academy of Finland
● Tuomas Salusjärvi, Director, Valio
● Jaakko Aspara, Dean of Research and Innovation, Hanken School of Economics
● Karen Spens, Rector, Hanken School of EconomicsThe discussion is live streamed on MTV's streaming service.