Gonul Colak new Professor in Finance

Gonul Colak new Professor in Finance

PhD Gonul Colak has been appointed Professor of Finance at Hanken School of Economics.

Colak has previously been Associate Professor of Finance at Hanken. Before joining Hanken in January  2015, he was Assistant Professor at Florida State University and Wichita State University. Colak is actively involved in international research networks, and he is looking forward to his work as a Professor at Hanken.

“I am excited! One of the things I really want to do is start to work with PhD students. I’m hoping to interact with new PhD students, training them, educating them further, and exposing them to international academic community”, Colak says.

Colak teaches advanced courses for master students and PhD students. He hopes to interact more with graduate students, including masters and PhD students. He is also looking forward to teaching new and exciting courses.

“The teaching environment at Hanken is very flexible. I have already started teaching a new course on FinTech and Blockchain, and the flexibility at Hanken has allowed me to design this course”, Colak says.

Professor Colak has a Doctor of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration from University of Iowa, United States. His main research areas are political uncertainty, corporate finance, and financial econometrics. For Colak, one of the most interesting research areas right now is how political uncertainty affects the corporate decision-making.


Gonul Colak has been appointed Professor of Finance.