| 16.09.2022

Donor support and partnerships celebrated at Hanken

Publik i festsalen på Tackfesten 2022
Hanken School of Economics belongs to a very select group of leading international business schools, which to a great extent is enabled by the wide support from donors and companies in partnership with Hanken. To express its gratitude, Hanken invited the supporters to Hanken's Partner Assembly and Donor Dinner on 8 September 2022.

“There are roughly 14 000 business schools in the world and Hanken consistently does well in global comparisons. In a Nordic context we are among the top five, regardless of whether we look at teaching-related or research-related rankings. And what is really important: such achievements would not have been possible without your generous support”, Hanken´s Rector Ingmar Björkman said in his speech to the donors and partners.

The fundraising campaign Count on Hanken, which ended in June this year, exceeded all expectations and raised 6,6 million euro. The campaign got support from a total of 691 private persons, organisations and foundations.  

“With the forthcoming matching from the government, Hanken will be able to add a substantial amount of money to the basic capital, with which Hanken is able to run, not only high-quality operations for our students but also to make strategic investments for the future”, Rector Björkman stated.

Hanken also celebrated the continuous support and collaboration with the partner companies within Hanken´s partnership programme. 

“The collaboration with our partner organisations is of crucial importance for us. Our partners contribute a lot to our school and in return it means that they are able to recruit the top-notch talent from Hanken”, said Rector Björkman.