| 24.08.2023

DHanken database updated

Hanken’s institutional repository DHanken has had changes during the summer. See the news article for more information on the details.

DHanken has changed the database during the summer!

What this means is that there are still problems we are in the process of fixing during this fall. You can no longer access the DHanken through the library search field;

DHanken search field which no longer works

It no longer works! You have to go down on the page and click on the new link to access the new DHanken database or use this link to access the new DHanken Opens in new window :

DHanken with other library services

DHanken from the search form will disappear within one month.

Update 20.9.2023: The link to DHanken works now from Hanna!

However, access to the master's thesis outside of Hanken's library is still dependent if the material is freely available!

You can see in the thesis biblio information whether it has access or not:

The thesis belongs to the material that is freely available.
The thesis is only available at the Hanken library.