| 18.09.2019

Christoph Vitzthum is Alumnus of the Year 2019

Hanken School of Economics appointed president and CEO Christoph Vitzthum as Alumnus of the Year during the annual homecoming day Hankendagen on 27 September 2019.


Christoph Vitzthum är årets alumn

School of Economics annually appoints the Alumnus of the Year, a Hanken alumnus, who has been recognised for activities in society during the past year. The alumnus has also maintained an active relationship with the university after graduation. This year Hanken has appointed Christoph Vitzthum as Alumnus of the Year.

Christoph Vitzthum graduated from Hanken in 1994, majoring in finance. After a long career at Wärtsilä, Vitzthum became president and CEO of Fazer Group. He has been engaged in Hanken in many ways, e.g as a member of the fundraising campaign committee and in his role as CEO for Fazer, who is part of Hanken’s partner programme.

 “I’m very proud and touched about being appointed Alumnus of the Year. This was an unexpected honour, which I gratefully receive. I also want to say to other alumni at Hanken – be a part of developing our great Alma Mater.”, says Vitzthum.

Through his engagement in Hanken’s activities, Christoph Vitzthum is an active link between Hanken and the business community, and serves as a role model for both current students and other alumni.

“I’m very happy to appoint Christoph as Alumnus of the Year. We are very greatful for his strong committment and his passion about Hanken”, says Rector Karen Spens.

More information:
Mira Aarnivuo
Alumni coordinator
Phone: +358 50 552 7271
E-mail: mira.aarnivuo@hanken.fi