| 28.10.2020

Björn Wahlroos in a free open online course

Filmning av MOOCen Principles of Wealth Management på Åminne gård
Björn Wahlroos is one of the lead educators on the open online MOOC course Principles of Wealth Management that started 26.10.2020. Wahlroos has made a remarkable career in the field of banking, and he has served both as a professor and as chairman of the board at Hanken.

The online MOOC course, which runs on the Future Learn platform, started yesterday, and focuses on wealth management, including diversification, risk and return, and market efficiency. The course provides, furthermore, an introduction to the history of finance.

The course is research based, but it is still formed in a way that anyone interested in finance and wealth management is able to take it – without having a formal background in finance.

- During the course, we will, for example, discuss asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and money market instruments – and explore fundamental concepts in finance. But we will also touch on some more topical issues such as the role of central banks in economies, negative interest rates, and market crashes, says Niclas Meyer, post-doctoral researcher at Hanken and another of the lead educators on the course.

Social responsibility is one of Hanken’s core values, and this course is well in line with that aim since it’s free, and offered via the internet platform Future Learn, available for anyone anywhere in the world to take it.

- We already have participants from 90 different countries – so it’s truly a global course, concludes Meyer.

You can still sign up for the course Principles of Wealth Management - through this link you will also find more information about the course on the Future Learn platform