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Companies equipped with modern technology, such as with the capability to purify water, can control and shape what is understood as the truth about water in rural villages in the global South. Through this, rural villages are made dependent on private companies related to water supply, Yewondwossen Tesfaye states in his doctoral dissertation “Neoliberalism in everyday governmentality: The conduct of rural drinking water and rainwater practices”.
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The majority of Finnish companies are generally committed to respecting human rights. However, only a quarter of companies systematically and publicly assess the impact of their business activities on the realisation of human rights.
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The United Nations Guiding principles on Business and Human rights were launched in 2011. However, there is little consistency as to the level and means through which companies implement human rights and these guidelines.
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“I share with you, the reader, a part of my journey as I am working on one conceptual paper for my PhD related to customers and ecosystems. This article is also on the meaning of words, especially high-mileage words that we frequently take for granted.”