PhD Studies

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Information about the PhD Programme in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility

Those who have completed a university level Master's degree can apply to Hanken for doctoral studies. Doctoral students may study for the degree Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration) or for the degree Doctor of Philosophy.

Admission to Hanken's doctoral program takes place once a year. PhD students are admitted to the subject depending on the supervisor capacity. We recommend people with an interest in our doctoral program to investigate the supervisors' research interests and profiles via the research portal Haris or the HUMLOG Institute's website. Please contact a potential supervisor in advance.

Hanken is a member of several Finnish Graduate Schools and is involved in active collaboration with international networks and other universities. This guarantees the availability of a wide range of courses and other scholarly activities to our students. The subject also has good national and international contacts. International research collaboration and exchange is especially encouraged.

  • 240 ECTS, 4 years
  • Language: English
  • Degree: Doctor of Economics and Business Administration / Doctor of Philosophy
  • Place: Helsinki

The studies leading to a PhD degree require four years of full-time study, of which approximately one year consists of course work. The thesis project constitutes the remaining part of the degree and is carried out under active supervision.

Robert Davtyan

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Robert focuses on sustainable innovations in public procurement, as well as on the roles of small and medium sized enterprises in the process. Other interests include public transportation and cleantech development. Currently Robert manages UNHCR Certification Programme in Supply Chain Management training project and coordinates the learning of study cohorts.

Helleke Heikkinen

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Helleke started her journey towards a PhD after several years of working with startups, technology and international mobility in both Helsinki and Berlin. She is a Hanken graduate and her research interests lies withing the last-mile, were she is looking into the sustainability aspects of new phenomena such as on-demand delivery and quick-commerce.

Rosa Palmgren

**This section is under construction**

Greta Steenvoorden

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Greta's research interests include the mechanisms that support or alternatively hinder the inclusion of factory worker's perspectives in the Corporate Social Responsibility practices of the multinational corporations in the developing country context.

Anna Zhuravleva

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Anna's research interests include closed-loop and reverse supply chain solutions, humanitarian supply chain and social responsibility. Previously, Anna was a leader of the global association 180 Degrees Consulting in Helsinki which connects students with local NGOs through various consulting projects. Under her leadership, students helped Finnish NGOs in identifying donor management and marketing strategies as well as in managing the supply chain of second-hand charity stores.